Sunday, January 21, 2018

3 Tips To Keep Away Pests

Whether you are enjoying the pleasant weather with your family in the backyard or you are gathered together around the television watching the latest movie in the living area, it is hardly ever fun to be surprised by unwanted pests on your property. Pests make their way to your property for an array of reasons. The good news is that an infestation can be prevented. If you have noticed that preventative measures may be too late, do not hesitate to call in the professionals from termite control waldorf, for example. After an evaluation, you will be given a list of options and costs.

To keep pests away from your property, here are three tips you may consider following.

Yard Maintenance

Before pests crawl into your home, they crawl into your yard. A yard offers many hiding places for termites, spiders and ants, so they may not be spotted before it is too late. Regular yard maintenance, like raking leaves, mowing the grass and outdoor furniture re-arranging, offers you opportunities to inspect the area. If you find any critters hiding under the patio furniture, feel free to chase them away and to take other measures. 

Seal Your Home

If you notice water or air leaking into your home, it means that pests can enter, too. Windows are usually the first leak-culprits, so start your inspection there. Next, inspect the basement. If you notice standing water on the floor, damp walls or rust on appliances, it indicates that your basement needs to be waterproofed and checked for pests, like termites. During this visual inspection, you are searching for cracks, gaps and warped closures. Not only will sealing them improve your energy costs, it will also keep tiny intruders out.

Indoor Cleanliness

Chances are you take the time to clean the inside of your home. Sweeping, dusting and mopping are great, but you will also want to take other measures. Pantries, shelves and drawers should not contain open food packages. If you do store the cereal, rice or snacks in their original packaging after they have been opened, seal them with clips. Pests are great at sniffing out food. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not leave these kinds of enticements around your home.

To avoid pests infesting your home and causing expensive damage, maintain your yard, seal your gaps in your home and keep the inside clean. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

3 Reasons to Custom Build Your Home

Whether you are looking for your first home or you are ready for your next, custom-building it instead of purchasing an existing house has a few benefits. Even if you have some home-building experience, you do not have to go through the entire process on your own. Professionals, like those at phoenix custom home builders, are available to plan, procure the necessary permits and break ground with you. 

Here are three reasons why you may consider custom-building your home.

Learn as You Go

How involved you are in the building process is up to you. The more involved you choose to be, though, the more you will learn about the way your house works. From Plumbing to the electrical wiring, if any of it ever malfunctions, you are more likely to understand why. You will be better prepared to fix or replace the circuits in question. This knowledge saves you time, unnecessary headaches and potentially costlier future expenses. Plus, if you are interested in expanding your home or making other modifications to it later, you will be able to estimate how possible they are before consulting with a professional.

A Home, not a House

In the earlier days of America, especially before the Industrial Age, Americans, for the most part, built their own homes. History has recorded that they felt a sense of pride and closeness to their home and surroundings because they laid brick by brick and nailed wood plank by wood plank. Custom-building your home means that you can have the same pride and closeness to your house, too. If you watch, or if you participate in the process by helping pour cement, hammer in nails or sand wood pieces, your new place will become your home.


When you custom-build your home, you will not have to take out a mortgage. You will still incur sizable expenses, but estimates show that building a home saves homeowners about 25% over purchasing one that already exists. For those who would like to exercise their negotiating skills, this is the time. Creativity can go a long way in procuring reasonable supply and labor services. 

If you are ready for a home, but have not found the one that speaks to your heart, custom-building is an option. You will have the opportunity to learn and financially invest in what could be your forever home.

Keeping Your Property Hydrated Efficiently

When it comes to keeping your grass green and healthy, you have to be careful about how much water you give it.  Over hydrating your grass can be just as detrimental as not watering it enough.

Still, unless you have some level of training in lawn care or horticulture, you might not know what the right level of water is for your lawn.  By signing up for regular lawn care services, property maintenance, or professional irrigation St Louis homeowners like you avoid this worry altogether.

The Right Level of Moisture

Watering your lawn is not as simple as turning on the garden hose and letting the water soak into the top soil.  You have to take other things into consideration primarily the amount of precipitation you area has received in the last few days.

During dry spells, your grass will need more water than during times of heavy rainfall and humidity.  However, unless you have a rain gauge and a humidity detector, you are not going to know how much precipitation has fallen and how much moisture is in the air.  You could accidentally over water your lawn when it was getting enough from the natural weather elements.

The system that the company can install in your lawn comes with sensors to tell exactly how much water your lawn needs.  It detects the level of moisture in the ground as well as the grass itself.  Based on the readings, it can then turn on the sprinklers as needed to keep the lawn healthy and hydrated.

During heavy periods of rain or high humidity, the system will turn itself on less often because the lawn will not need the extra moisture.  Your lawn remains lush and green regardless of the elements and your own level of attention to the property.

Saving Money

This smart technology helps you save money on your water bill because you avoid using too much to keep the lawn alive and green.  When you use the garden hose or sprinkler system too much, you run up your water bill.  During times when your lawn is already hydrated, you essentially waste money on something for which you never should have had to pay in the first place.

This technology is fast and simple to set up and does not require any effort on your part.  You can sign up for or learn more about it by going online to the company's website today.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Do You Need To Purchase A Sump Pump

Even though you may think that no moisture can get into your freshly waterproofed basement, you should still keep a sump pump handy. A sump pump is a device that pumps excess water out of and away from your home. It's usually placed in the lowest point of your basement, often in a special pit that has been dug out especially for it. Here are just a few reasons why you should always have one in your basement.

Prevent Flooding

Of course, the single best reason to have a working sump pump in your basement is to prevent your basement from flooding. Yes, basements can be sealed and waterproofed, but that will never last forever. A working sump pump is a must for any home with a basement that is below the water table, especially if you live in a place that sees a lot of heavy rain.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can become serious problems in any home, and they thrive in damp environments. Having a working sump pump can go a long way towards keeping a home free of mold, which is very important if you or anybody in your home is allergic to the stuff.

Stabilizing the Soil

Even though sump pumps are designed to keep homes free of excessive moisture and all the problems that go with it, they can also help stabilize the soil around your home. When a sump pump removes water from your basement, it is drained to an area away from your house's foundation. This water seeps into the soil, keeping it stable and fertile, which in turn helps to stabilize your foundation.

By now, it should be clear that a sump pump is a must for almost any home, but actually having it on hand isn't enough. You need to make sure that it is kept in good working condition. Sump pumps can run on your home's electricity without any special wiring, but they can also use a backup battery in case your home loses power. Contact a sump pump repair service near you if you have any questions about your own pump or if you need a backup battery for emergencies.


Finished Project : Loft Room

For the longest time, I've been inkling on including loft rooms in my proposed apartment units.  This has been in my bucket list for few years and was on pending status since we are still raising enough money to fund the project.  I used up all my savings as well as investments to put this thing into a reality and with God's grace, I was able to pull off everything last year.  Two units were built on the second floor of the building, the main floor being an events place.

The first unit turned out to be so nice, small but compact with all the spaces needed for a comfortable living. I've chosen the white and apple green color combination. You may refer to the first three photos below:  We've used tiles in the flooring except for the loft room where we've used vinyl tiles.  My Korean tenant who had leased the unit commented that is is not much different from the apartment units in Korea. :)

The two photos below were taken from the loft room on the second unit which was purposely done as an extension of the business.  Everything in this room was DIY.  You see, we had a very tight budget as our projects were done one after the other, so I do get financially drained at times. Lol

Despite of that, we've manged to come up with such a lovely interior design by just relying on our own creativity. I was so lucky to have my son and daughter who are both artistic and creative.  They helped out a lot in the overall design of the room.

I would be posting more of my projects very soon. :)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Simple Ways To Redo Your Home

We all want our homes to look attractive and inviting. However, many of us mistakenly think that it takes a lot of money to create an attractive and inviting yard. However, it doesn't. You'd be surprised at the impact of three simple strategies can have on the overall appearance of your home.

Clean Up

This tip isn't very exciting but it has a huge initial impact and lets you see the true potential of your yard. The planning and transformation can't start until these initial tasks are completed. In other words, you must clear the stage before you build a new set. Unclutter your porch, cut your grass, and fix that broken mailbox or shutters. Once you get finished with this basic step and survey the premises you'll get to see your yard's true potential. This is where the planning commences.

Go for the Quick Bang

One of the best ways to create a huge transformation right away is strategically painting in specific areas. This is not an expensive move but it can have the same impact as painting your entire home. You can go for instant effects by painting your front door,  your trim and or shutters. This is an instant facelift without all the back-breaking work and expense. It instantly boosts your home's curb appeal and makes it more eye-catching.

Add Accents

This last step puts the frosting on the cake or the cherry on the top, depending on how you look at it. You can choose small accents to add interest and impact to your yard. You might consider adding pavers or a rock garden. If you don't mind a little maintenance you could even consider a flower patch. It's up to you.  You could even consider placing a bench under a tree or in some other attractive spot if your yard is large enough. It doesn't take a lot. One or two accents is all you really need to put the finishing touches on your yard's transformation. If you want to go a step further you can look into outdoor lighting orlando. Lighting can also make a big splash in your home's appearance.

It doesn't take a whole lot of money or time to give your home a facelift. You can freshen and update the look of your home by employing a few simple and strategic tips. Clean up, paint, and accent and you've essentially given your home an impactful and attractive makeover.

Create a Decorating Flow Throughout Your Home

Many homeowners do not realize how important it is to have a flow from one room to another within their home. Have you ever gone to someone’s house and thought how beautiful each room was, but it was as though something just wasn’t quite right. Chances are they didn’t have a flow within the home. Each room should coordinate with the ones around it while still maintaining a unique feel. Use the following tips to do this in your house.


The wall and floor colors in each room should all coordinate with one another. The best way to do this is select the color you want for the main room such as the living room. Use the strip of colors on the sample you picked up at the paint store to choose colors for the surrounding areas. Those paint sample strips do the work for you by already grouping matching colors together.


The look of the furniture should blend well form room to room. Start by choosing a style. For example, if you like a rustic feel, look for an Austin furniture store like Primitives Furniture and Accessories to outfit all your rooms. You don’t need to buy everything new. Simply choose one or two new items for each room to create a coordinating theme.


Accessories are the easiest way to create a flow. Use matching frames for all of the photos throughout the house. Have all throw rugs in the same color no matter if they are in the living area, kitchen, or bathroom. Have all window treatments match. If you use lace curtains under the living room drapes, use lace curtains in the dining room too.

Now that you have followed these tips, you should have a nicely decorated home that flows from one room to the next. The true test of whether you have achieved this will be to take an accessory item like a throw pillow from the living room. Carry the pillow from room to room, and place it in a chair. Does it look like it belongs? The colors and styles should still coordinate. If you can say that it does fit in with every room, you have successfully created a decorating flow within your home.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tips To Follow For Your Next House Move

Moving is hard work. We all know this. However, it doesn't take away the fact that it's something that must be done. The only way to make this dreaded task more bearable is to start early. The earlier you begin this work-intensive process the more stress you will take away from the process. This is why it's a good idea to get organized and get started.

Hire a Moving Company

The major details of your move should be handled first. If you are hiring a moving company,  this is one of the first tasks that you should focus on. Determine what services you will need and ship around. Make sure you're clear on the pricing and what services you will be getting before you sign on the dotted line. Ask questions and re-verify everything before you make your final decision. click here

Pack By Room

One of the best ways to save you time and energy while packing and during the unpacking process is to pack by room. The boxes should be labeled according to the room. In other words, all kitchen items should go in the kitchen boxes and all bathroom items should go in the bathroom box. This will save you a ton of time during the packing process and make it easy to unpack as well. It will eliminate the need to look for things. If you pack logically you won't have to stress over where to find the blender or your winter coats.

Designate Tasks

Don't be a one-man army. Get help. Designate as many tasks as you can. This will take away a lot of the burden and make it easier on everyone. If everyone plays their part and does a little bit to help the moving process, it will alleviate stress. Plus,  it will distribute the work instead of placing the burden on one or a few peoples shoulders.

It's a well-known fact that moving isn't fun. However, once you can get past this obvious fact and get organized a lot of the stress can be reduced. Get organized and prioritize your most important tasks first. Don't carry the load all by yourself. Break up the tasks of moving by enlisting the help of others. If you follow a few smart tips you'll be relaxing on moving day instead of stressing.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Some Useful Tips For House Remodelling

Some people decide to buy a property because they fall in love with the neighborhood it’s in and the lovely garden that surrounds it. These are emotional reactions that have a practical application too. Having a good public school close by is worth a lot, and if a house isn’t absolutely a dream house, it can still be a wise trade off for home in a great area.

Still, as time goes by, (especially as equity builds up in a home) planning a home makeover to improve the house and bring it more in line with the “home of your dreams” can be a wise move. The key is to plan in advance, and get an experienced remodeling contractor to oversee the job. A home that has some equity may also qualify for a low interest loan, which can be a smart way to add value to a home without having to move.

It All Takes Planning

Planning wisely is a major part in a home remodel’s success. It’s smart for a homeowner to take a look at many of the home decoration magazines and websites available today, to get a sense of how certain colors and textures will really look in  a room. From these inspirations, they can begin to plan how they want their own remodel to look.

Once an initial idea is formed, it’s wise to start looking for the great remodeling expert who can bring the project all together. While in the past finding a great contractor could be a challenge for those not in the construction industry, today the process is much simpler. There are many websites devoted to offering listings of great contractors, and they also show samples of their work as well as referrals from past clients. All of this is great for giving a homeowner a very strong idea of who is available and what their work style is.

After a good candidate has been found, a free phone consultation should be arranged, so the plans can be discussed in detail. If the fit seems right, an agreement should be drawn up, and from there the real planning can begin.

No, remodeling a house isn’t simple, but done well, it can transform an “okay” place into a real dream home. So why wait? Start planning today!

Caring For Your HVAC System At Home

Most of us have central air and heating in our homes and don't think much about it. We know our HVAC system keeps us cool in the summer and warm during the winter and that's enough for us. One of the things we may not realize is that our HVAC systems are not maintenance free. They do require some care on our part. However, the care we should give our HVAC systems is not hard or time-consuming. It just requires consistency.

Change Your Filters

Your filters should be changed every 30-60 days. It's difficult for your system to push air through a dirty filter. Your HVAC system will work harder which usually means it will run longer. This translates into a higher utility bill. This is why one of the best cost-saving maintenance tasks you can do is to change your filter. It will keep your system happy and well. Plus, filters are fairly cheap.

Keep the Exterior Unit Free of Debris

Most people neglect their exterior unit because they don't realize that it needs attention too. As the seasons change, it's common for leaves and other debris to collect on top and around the exterior unit. This is potentially bad because dirt, twigs, and leaves could eventually get caught in the fan causing it to malfunction. However, there could be other interferences with mechanical parts of the exterior unit as well. It's best to periodically check your exterior unit and clear it off as needed.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced Annually

Many people overlook the necessity of having their unit serviced, even when it's working well. This should be done annually. An HVAC technician can come out and check your system from top to bottom to ensure the parts are working properly. They will also make sure that nothing needs to be replaced and the coolant levels are where they should be.  This can actually be a cost-saving move because a technician has the ability to replace a worn part before it malfunctions and causes damage to your system. A tech who focuses on commercial hvac repair tomball tx would provide the same service for a commercial unit.

It doesn't take a lot of time, effort, or energy to care for your HVAC system. All it requires is consistency. Take the time to maintain your unit on a consistent basis and it will run well and be less prone to disrepair and malfunction.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Construction Projects for the New Homestead

The ability to establish a private homestead is an exhilarating feeling. Being able to walk outside to harvest your own food, from organic vegetables to free range meat and dairy, is a level of self sufficiency that many people do not get to experience. With all of this self sufficiency also comes a lot of work, especially in the form of construction and land improvement. Here are a few construction projects that many new homesteaders might be interested in tackling.

Outdoor Lighting

This is a bit generalized, as a homestead will need multiple forms of lighting in order to care for the animals, buildings, and machinery after daylight fades. One of the most important sources of outdoor lighting will likely come from utility poles that are commonly obtained from electric cooperatives. Otherwise, one could also find a utility pole supplier and install his or her own solar powered lights in order to reduce the dependence he or she has with the local power grid. One perk of solar lighting is that the lights should not fail during a power outage or dangerous storm; as long as the lighting system is not damaged. A blackout on a homestead could be dangerous, especially if animals need to be checked during the middle of the night.

Lean To’s, Coops, and Other Livestock Shelters

Virtually all livestock animals need protection from inclement weather; even cattle. The best beginner construction projects for a new homesteader would include small chicken coops and small goat shelters for 1 to 3 animals. Lean to’s are a bit bigger, and will require a bit more work. For those who are anticipating chickens or goats in the near future, it is never too early to get started with the first animal shelter project.

Storage Buildings

The skilled homesteader will also require storage buildings, as storing tools and feed inside of one's home could get ugly. Homesteading requires a large amount of yard tools, livestock equipment, small machinery, hand tools, power tools, feed, hay, straw, fencing, and so much more. In addition, a homesteader will need a place to work. Multiple storage buildings are necessary for even small to medium sized operations. These buildings will keep tools and feed safe, but they may take quite a bit of money, time, and training to build. Hiring construction companies or buying assembled sheds are great options as well.

Construction projects are one of the most exciting items on a homesteader’s to do list. Anticipating the different needs of a homestead can help an individual to educate themselves and prepare financially for the projects that must be tackled. There is no greater joy than knowing one can build and provide for a family with their own hands!

3 Tips To Keep Away Pests

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