Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why Have An Indoor Water Fountain

My son gifted me with an indoor water fountain during my birthday last month and I really didn't expect to receive such from him.  Admittedly, I was ecstatic when I saw it.  The day he brought it home, he and his sister arranged the fountain on our porch and filled it with stones and water.  After, they're done, that's the time they asked me to come out to see what they have for me.  When I went out to the porch, I saw this beautiful water fountain.  Admittedly, I long wanted to have a water fountain inside the house but for some reasons, I always procrastinate getting one.

Now that my son gave one to me as a gift, I am just so happy and excited!  

Having an indoor water fountain has a number of benefits:

First and I think no one will dispute the fact that it beautifies our homes.  It adds substance to any part of the house.  It creates a visual appeal that will surely delight anyone who stays in and visits the house.

Second, it helps us to relax.  I've experienced it myself.  I had my coffee one morning while seated to the water fountain and the soothing sound coming from it proves to be therapeutic.  We all experienced being stressed  anytime of the day and this could really help us feel relaxed after a long day.

Third, it cleans the air and helps to humidify the house.  I guess, this is also true and happens when we place a lot of plants inside our house.  Plants attract dusts, release oxygen and purifies the air and so does water fountain.  Having these together inside our homes is perfect.

With all the benefits mentioned plus the fact that it was given to me as a gift has made my water fountain so special and valued.  I'm one lucky Mom! :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Outdoor Tub Ideas

Perhaps, you have a large yard or an extra space in your backyard....why not convert it into something useful?  Having an outdoor tub would definitely be an excellent addition to your yard.  This does not only provides alternative for a quick shower, this too could be very useful if you have small kids who would like to play around and get dirty anytime of the day.  They could straight away take their shower at an outdoor tub.

Apart from this, it is also another way of creating a focal point in your yard.  It could catch the attention of your visitors especially if the outdoor tub area was done tastefully.  They may even mistaken it for an outdoor spa. :)

Below are some outdoor tub ideas that I found to be nice and cozy:

Whatever design you choose for your outdoor tub, remember that it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.  All you need is a creative mind to visualize what would be best for your backyard.  You could choose the simplest one using not so expensive materials.  The secret here is adding personal touch and color.  You may use a cheap tub and a simple shower fixture but just add some elements like plants and stones to complement your outdoors.  Perhaps, this could also be a weekend project with your loved ones.

Have fun and and test your creativity by building your own outdoor tub.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Place To Relax

It's always best to find a special place in the house where you can relax and unwind.  A place to hang out with friends, with your family members or just to spend a quiet and peaceful moment alone. A place like this in the house will help you have your own sanctuary where you can be comfortable doing just anything you love to do, be it reading a book or playing your favorite guitar.   It would be so nice to have a perfect time for yourself.

As a busy Mom, I am also dreaming of having my own sanctuary at home where I could relax after I'm done with all my obligations each day.  Perhaps, a reading nook would be great as I love to read books and magazines or maybe an outdoor seating area with a small coffee table would be perfect for a coffee lover like me.

Whatever it is, having your own special corner at home would be very ideal and I believe everybody would love to have one.

What's yours?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Miniature Garden

Creating a miniature garden is something that's really fun to do, this will definitely bring out your creativity and talent in decorating, and coming up with your own unique creation will always bring you a certain amount of fulfillment. This is exactly what I feel every time I work on my garden.  I would normally rearrange my potted plants and bring them to a place that best suit them.  Some plants need shade while others prefer to be situated under direct sunlight.  You must be observant enough to know and understand your plants needs.

The idea of working on a miniature garden happened as a result of seeing empty large pots in my garden.  I have some ornamental plants that are cute and appealing and every time I trim my plants, I always feel like want to replant the trimmings rather than throwing them, thus I've thought of having my own miniature garden. I have already been doing this before but just on a small pot which I could put inside my house but I thought that using large pots would be best if I opt to place that miniature garden somewhere around my real garden.

I just collected these photos as an inspiration but I will be definitely working on my own version.  Will be posting a photo once I'm done so please get back for more ideas. :)  


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lights and Sounds Corner

My daughter had just introduced some fresh ideas for her room.  When hubby was here, she requested for a loft type of bed so she could make use of the space underneath the bed.  She made use of that space as her working area a.k.a. study area. I have actually thought of that a long time ago as I am much into space saving ideas kind of thing.  My daughter's idea was just timely as her Dad was here last summer and we made use of his remaining days for a little bit of make over in Mika's bedroom.  Mika initially wanted to have a lights and sounds corner in her room, an idea which she actually derived from a photo that she saw online.  A corner of that room in the photo highlighted the lights and sounds corner where some musical instruments and colorful lights were put on display.  It was amazing actually.  There was a number of electric guitars on display.  I've never seen more sophisticated ones though like the gibson j-35 gutair but a drum set was also included in the display.  

I told my daughter to give up that dream as it would be useless anyway since she doesn't have much time now for her hobby.  Her studies now is her priority so I convinced her to pay more attention to her study area.  Maybe in the future, we could get a new table and chair for her, something that could match the space of her room.  

Well...good luck for that future project Miks!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Wooden Tray

I saw this DIY wooden tray from BHG and I just felt in love with it! DIY projects are always a hit to me coz apart from accentuating my home sweet home, I could also bring out that artistic side of me.  This wooden tray was decorated using paints of contrasting colors and some cute patterns. I think you could print out some stencil for the design which in this case is vines and birds. 

I specifically love it's color combination.  I think plain wooden trays can be bought on some local shops and you could even take advantage of their annual sale so you could get this type of tray at a lower price.  This will definitely be included in my next list of DIY projects.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Exotic Hanging Plant

My son gifted me with this hanging plant.  He calls it "pitcher plant".  He bought it from a street vendor on his way back home.  He told me that this hanging plant is a mosquito catcher.  Mosquitoes will be trapped inside the pitcher like flower and this will shake once a mosquito was already trapped inside. Quite exciting, isn't it?

This is going to be a great addition to my garden! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dirty Kitchen Reorganization

After doing a little bit of "make over" to our kitchen and dining, we've done our best to have our dirty kitchen reorganized, as well.  Yes, you heard it right, tidying up our "dirty kitchen" (lol).

Well dirty kitchen used be name like that as this is the place where we do most of the dirty jobs at home. This is where I cook the more complicated dishes that requires a lot of cutting, shredding, mixing and pounding.  I just used our main kitchen for simple to do dishes like soups and for making snacks, salads or sandwiches.   In that case, I could save a lot of time cleaning and tidying up as I just need to concentrate on cleaning one space whenever I used our dirty kitchen for heavy cooking.

Our dirty kitchen is separated yet attached to the back of the house.  This is actually an extension of the house.  But since we've decided to create an additional room for my son which could be accessed via the dirty kitchen, we've decided that our dirty kitchen would be a neat one.  Sometimes my son would bring his friends to his room to work on a project, so I do not want them to feel like they're crossing on a jungle. :)

I have two sinks in the dirty kitchen so cleaning and washing the dishes is not really a problem as two persons could use both sinks at the same time.  It saves us a lot of time and speed up the job.  I'm basically a sink lover and you could find quite a lot in our home.  There is a sink everywhere! I don't have a hanging cabinet in the dirty kitchen before so we've decided to make one this time just to store the other kitchen stuff that can't be accommodated in our main kitchen.

I had my baking pantry organized, as well.  I requested hubby to transform one built in cabinet into open shelves with sliding glass doors so I could see my baking stuff in full view.

Yes, dirty kitchen is sometimes one of the most neglected part of the house but for me it should also be clean, neat and organized.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kitchen And Dining Area Make Over

Even before hubby arrived home for his vacation, I am already requesting him to help me with a "little make over" in our kitchen and dining.  I want our kitchen cabinet repainted and I want to change our counter top tiles as some of the old tiles were already worn out.  Well, not really in bad condition but I just hate seeing things not in order (lol).  I just want the kitchen counter top look more spacious and kitchen stuff be in their right place.  Initially, my kitchen counter top was a bit messy as there are lots of kitchen stuff located on it. We've decided to bring out our dish cabinet in our dirty kitchen to give way to the new microwave oven which I've purchased before hubby arrived home. 

Hubby also changed the lights as a bonus and I just felt so grateful that he really collaborated with this "little project".  he loves to paint, that's a fact and that's a plus factor as we do not need to hire a painter and could save on our budget for the make over. :)

I used to place a curtain before on that cute window but since we've changed the lights in the kitchen, hubby and I both agreed that it would look better and simple without a curtain.

We have installed a floating shelf on top of the microwave for some cute jars where I placed some tea bags, sugar, coffee and creamer.  Since the shelf is quite big, we also placed there that cute decorative lamp which I bought from Bangkok during our recent visit there.

We've changed our curtains to match the color of the cabinets and installed a wall fan right in front of the dining table.

I know that our kitchen and dining is not really that elegant compared to other kitchen deigns I've seen online but thanks God, I am satisfied.  What is important for me is that it is simple, clean and organized.  I hate clutter and I love to organize, for me that's freeing myself from stress.  Sounds like a real home maker eh!

 So that's it!I might be doing some minor touch ups every now and then but what's important is that we were able to do a simple project for summer that's pleasant and worthwhile.

Until my next make over!