Friday, December 9, 2016

Aerial Plants

I recently bought some aerial plants to decorate my lanai. If I'm not mistaken, these are called "pakpak lawin".  This kind of aerial plants are really good for outdoor rooms and porches.  I used to have these before hung on our terrace but unfortunately, this didn't last long.  I don't know what went wrong but from experience, this kind of aerial plant is very difficult to thrive if not attached to the bark of a tree.  This has been my second time to give it another try since I really love this "pakpak lawin". 

This time, I tried adding some charcoal in a small plastic container and this is where I put the "pakpak lawin".  I wouldn't say that I am 100 hundred per cent successful because not all of these repotted aerial plants survive.  I still have few left though, but I was a bit disappointed not all of them survived.  I'm still searching whether it is because of the absence of sun light or because the small plastic container do not have holes to drain water.  I think if I have to buy another of this variety, I must try attaching this onto a drift wood.   

Since I failed with this for the second time, I am thinking of trying another aerial plant variety that's not too hard to maintain.  Maybe water plant or "Manaog Ka Irog".

At this stage, I'm still not satisfied with my garden.  I still want to grow more varieties of ornamental plants and probably a vertical vegetable garden.

I can't wait to post here my vertical vegetable garden which I have just started.

Till my next post!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Adding A Modern Touch

The front room of the home, often known as the living room, is one of the areas that you want to showcase more than others as it's the room where visitors will see first and where the family will spend the most time. When you begin adding frontroom furnishings, think about an accent wall where you will place a couch as well as a wall that you might want to paint a different color so that you can highlight your favorite decorations and accessories. This could also be the wall where a fireplace would be in the room. A plant or two could be added on each side of the fireplace or a modern bookcase in the center of the wall with chairs on each side. 

A idea if you plan on entertaining or if you have a large family is to get two large couches, positioning them across from each other with a coffee table in the center. Gold accents with dark gray or black couches and added white furnishings is a modern trend that is popular in many homes. Natural textures in a room that is full of beige and white is another option if you want a modern look. Teal, orange or blue would be ideal to place with the natural background. The natural setting gives a relaxing environment while maintaining an eclectic appearance. 

If you plan on changing your decorations during the year, consider a neutral color with the couches, chairs and other large items that are in the room. Stagger the height of the couches with chairs as the eyes will have something to take in while scanning upon entry. The neutral colors will allow for adding bright pillows, lamps and other decorations that will pop in the room. If you have an open space, then consider overstuffed couches and chairs as well as larger accessories, such as a wall clock and coffee table that take up more room than the traditional design. You'll find that this idea makes the room seem full instead of using furnishings that are of a traditional size in a bigger room.

Cheaper Alternative For Home Decors

I think decorating on a budget would always be the concern of every Mom. I know that it isn't a must to decorate if you are really on a tight budget, but what about if you can have some improvised home decors without having to spend much. You just need to have an ounce of creativity and you will surely come up with some exciting ideas that's not only unique but attractive. 

Let's take this jar as an example, which I made out of the empty plastic dog food container.  I have one of this every month and I keep these instead of throwing because I know that I can turn these into something decorative and useful.  You ca use this as extra storage jar for anything that you would like to store and because it is dressed up, it can be a decorative piece, too. 

Another one I made is this cute corner decor which is actually made from twigs and small branches that I just took from the backyard.  I spray painted it for an extra color, added some flowers from recycled plastic bottles and just added some string lights for an added drama.  This really looks awesome during night time when the living room is dim. It is simple but looks elegant.

Now, I'm up to doing more weekend projects in time for Christmas! :)

Getting Ready to Sell? Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

A lot of people who are looking to sell their home feel like they can list their house and get a fair price pretty quick. After all, most markets are in an upswing right now. Even if yours isn’t skyrocketing like some, most markets are doing pretty well for sellers.

The fact is that you may be limiting the amount of people who want to buy your home if your house isn’t in the best possible shape. From basic curb appeal, to maintenance that you’ve been putting off, you can’t expect to get top-dollar for a home that isn’t in very good shape.

You could also be walking away from bids over the asking price if your home doesn’t look its best. Remember that in competitive markets, sellers often get more than they asked when motivated buyers really love a house.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to make sure you get the most money from your home when you’re ready to sell.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Your lawn is one of the first things that people will see when they come to your home. Whether you’ve got an open house or not, people will need to park at your home before they can see the interior.

To really make a big impact from the first time somebody comes to your house, consider replacing the grass on your lawn. Re-sodding your lawn may cost you a little bit of money, but it’s one of those investments that you’ll easily get back when you sell your home for more.

Another option you have to make your home nicer is to plant some new flowers and trees around your home. Even small trees that aren’t mature can make a big difference in how your landscaping looks to prospective buyers.

Repair Your Driveway

Like your lawn, the driveway in front of your home is one of the first things people will see. To make the most of your home, consider hiring a driveway sealing company to help you out. 

When you get your driveway sealed, you’ll save a considerable amount of money over simply redoing it. Sealing your driveway will also last at a handful of years, so it’s a wise investment even if you aren’t selling.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

DIY Garden Accesories

I have made these cute DIY garden accessories out of empty plastic bottles.  The idea came out when I saw our plastic bottles at home accumulating in number.  I saved all these in a big plastic container until I have the free time to make these into flowers to adorn my garden.  This is very easy to make. All you need is to cut the upper portion of the plastic bottle, form this into petals and spray with paint on any color of your choice.  I just have started with this first but I will be making more accessories like bugs and butterflies and I also would like to have more colors like blue and yellow.  I think that would really bring life to my garden.

I am really a great fan of arts and crafts.  I am so amazed that so many things can be made out of trash so you only have to spend a minimal amount to turn them into something useful and decorative.
What more? It brings out the creative side of me.

It's a win win situation actually! :)

More on my craft projects on my future posts.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Outdoor Living: Is Rural Living Right For You?

Many of us dream of a home in the country. Something quiet, off the beaten path where we can relax and get back to nature. From mountain cabins that you can purchase in Colorado to Vermont farms for sale, there are many options to explore when looking for a quiet and a more rural existence. So, how do you know if rural living is right for you?

Rural Living Makes People Happier

Scientific studies and research have confirmed what many have long suspected: living in the city is stressful. In fact, research suggests that those who are born and raised in rural areas suffer less from depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. This is because the emotional centers of our brains that process stress are affected by living in crowds. This is great news for anyone who is looking for a quiet, less stressful life in the country. Research backs up what you intuitively already knew. Yes, you will be happier living in the country. 

Living In The Country Could Be The Right Choice For You

A smaller community means that you will find assimilation an easier task. When you move into a smaller rural community, you will find that your neighbors will want to get acquainted with you. Many of them may visit your home and bring your welcoming gifts, strike up conversations in the market, or just stop by to chat. 

Senior Citizens 

Many of those in their fourth quarter of life are searching for ways to make the most out of their golden years. Retired couples often seek the quietude and solace offered by the rural lifestyle. The downside to this quiet existence for seniors is that the distance from their home to hospitals and urgent care facilities may be extended when they choose to live in the country. 

Entertainment Options 

For those wishing to escape the sprawling madness of suburban chaos, the country is perfect. You will not find the traffic and noise associated with large box stores, huge malls, and never-ending lines of chain restaurants. Despite the lack of modern suburban amenities, you will find entertainment of a different sort. In small town communities, folks gather around with the mentality that they are "all in it together." This way of thinking spurs community activities such as school productions, sporting events, local craft fairs, crafting clubs, and other community activities.