Friday, April 24, 2015

Tips In Holding A Successful Children's Party At Home

We've recently attended the first birthday celebration of the cute son of my nephew which was held in their house.  Of course, as usual, aside from the yummy dishes laid down on the buffet table, the guests especially the kids are always looking forward to fun and entertainment.  Children parties whether it's first or 7th birthday, usually have clowns and magicians to host the games and entertain the kids and in most cases, dancing will never be omitted. This is the reason why it is very important to have a reliable sound system on hand.  

Here are few tips to holding a successful children's party:

First, you have to make your party decors simple yet attractive.  If you don't have enough budget to hire an event stylist, you can make your own decors using simple and plain materials like papers, styro materials, ribbons and strings.  You could also make use of what's available at home.  

Second, foods should be a perfect balance of pasta or noodles, rice, few main courses, fruits, cakes and other desserts.  You may also want to install some food carts for the kids to keep them going all throughout the party.

Third, you have to get a good party host that could provide a perfect hosting plus a showcase a simple form of entertainment for the kids.  It's quite hard to keep the attention of the kids so they should be properly entertained all throughout.

Fourth, you have to provide a good sound system and have this tested before the event to avoid some technical problems.  A good sound system is always the heart of any party so this should be given special attention.

Fifth and the last, always make sure that the guests especially the kids are always on the safe zone.  It is but normal that misadventures will happen during parties like this where kids behaviour cannot be controlled all the times.  Everything must be in proper places and argosy speaker stands should be positioned properly and away from the area where kids run non stop.  Electrical outlets should be properly secured and checked for possible faulty wirings.

It is better to be safe than sorry.  Not taking these into consideration may spoil the fun and this translates to having all your efforts for the preparation wasted.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Party Table Centerpiece

We've done these cute party table center pieces for a client last April 12, during the 7th birthday celebration of her son Nash.  There are two sizes of tables, one for the adult guests and another one which is smaller for kids.  So, we have to come up with two sets of design for center pieces, as well.  

This design was used as a center piece for the adult table.  Since the party theme is Lego, we try to maintain the presence of the Lego characters but since the table is intended for the adults, we incorporate some twigs in a clear vase for an added drama.

For the kiddie table, we just manage to have a smaller version of the center piece minus the twigs. We retain the Lego characters though and the colorful pom-pom. The printed name of the celebrant was still included to add a personal touch.  We made a mini version for the kids table since the table is much smaller and we don't like the idea that the table would appear to be congested.  You know, kids are very playful so we have to lessen the objects or display on the table. :) 

This is the up close version of the adult table center piece.  It came out so cute and colorful that it really matches the party theme.  We are very pleased to know that our client and her guests were satisfied with the designs that we've came up with. 

This is very easy to do and all it takes is just a little sense of creativity plus hard work as making pompoms is also quite tedious if you need to come up with many.  But if you love arts and crafts, this is very easy.

You can have this design for your your future parties and change the cartoon character print outs to stay within the theme.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Decorate Your Homes With Candles

I don't really know what's special with candles but I would say that this is my favorite decorative piece in the house.  There are so many great crafts and designs that you can do with candles and these can be dressed up easily according to the occasion. Aside from illuminating your homes and your outdoor rooms or gardens, candles can also help in relaxation especially the scented ones.

It's easy to find candles in any form, shape or scent but the most exciting part is decorating these with ribbons and other forms of embellishment to make it more attractive, then you can finish the look k by setting it on a pedestal, putting it on a ceramic glass, clear vases, fish bowls (same like what I've done in the picture) and even on tin cans or mason jars.  The ideas are endless.  These candles then can be placed on side tables, center tables in the living room and dining table for a hand made decorative touch.

You can shop for candles almost everywhere and archipelago candles are some of the best I've found online. I'm looking for more ways to decorate my home with candles and this time, I am thinking of using recyclable materials to get a more crafty look. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Storage Bench For My Girl's Bedroom

This is part of the bedroom make over that we had for our daughter Mika.  She just turned 18 and wanted a new look for her bedroom.  She got this idea of the storage bench from Pinterest and we super love the fact that it is really functional.  Not only it adds flavor to her room but it also created an instant storage for her growing stuff.  (you know...teen aged girl wants to have this and that). lol

She wants her bedroom plain and simple that's why she had chosen white to be the main color but she loves pastel colors for the accent.  Love her choice of mint green to accentuate the drawers.

What do you think?

Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Pantry Labels

I had a hectic week beginning of February!  I was hooked into cleaning and organizing our house. My daughter once asked me, "Mom, why do you always clean the house? It's super clean already! Aren't you tired?"  My answer?  Honestly, I also don't know. (lol)  What I knew is that I easily get stressed out when things are untidy and messy.  When it's clean and organized at home, I feel more comfortable and happy.  Well...that's the way I am. :)

I actually began my week changing bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets in all bedrooms.  Then, it was followed by changing table cloth and curtains all over the house.  Then the towels...etc. You could just imagine how heavy the work load is. But the good news is that, I was able to manage it well and on top of that, I was able to make a new set of pantry labels. Yipeee!!

Actually, this is just the beginning of the DIY projects that I listed down for myself to do these coming weeks and I just feel excited to let my creative juices flowing. Now, without further ado, here are my DIY Pantry Labels....

My daughter and son feel that they are inside a "sari-sari" store having all those candies, cookies, sweets, crackers, cereals, etc but they both loved the idea! Who wouldn't? I always see them taking turns to raid my jars actually especially when I'm fresh from my grocery shopping. :)

I will be featuring all my future DIY projects soon...please do pass by again at Home Sweet Home!

Have a great week end!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Project for January 2015? - Declutter!

Since beginning of January, the day after the 18th birthday celebration of my daughter has ended, I already began my mission for January of 2015....declutter. Yes, I maybe known to many of my friends online and offline as well as by my family members as a person who loves organization a lot. I don't know but I just can't stand being in a messy place.  I am a person who'd rather throw and donate rather than keep things which don't have any use to me anymore.  I am now beginning to be an advocate of a minimalist life style.  Well, from what I've read minimalism has a relative meaning, it actually depends on the person's preference of what a minimalist life style should be.  You should be the one defining what you actually need in a home or in any part of your home.  I guess people's preference change as they grow older. (lol)

When I was still starting a career and and just acquired my own home,  I love to buy anything for the house.  I wouldn't leave a store without me buying a single thing for my home whether it be a decorative piece, a kitchen aid, a piece of furniture, beddings, linens, etc.  I don't really care whether it is a necessity or of good quality.  I just keep buying.  Fast forward, I've discovered that I have a lot of kitchen tools in the kitchen cabinets and some other things that are just kept and not being used. Actually, I often forget what I buy the moment I placed these in the storage cabinets already.  Then later on, me and my husband would realize the necessity of having more and more storage cabinets and shelves to hold our growing stuff at home.

It would be a different thing this time as I've already sorted out the things inside every storage cabinet I have at home. I  choose and clean the ones that I think would still be good for current and future use. Those that are already worn out were thrown and the ones that are still usable but I don't need were donated to relatives. Day by day, I see to it that I am able to declutter one or two cabinets at home and I am positive that by the end of January, I'm totally done with decluttering and organization. 

To help me get through with this objective, I bought some plastic storage boxes.  This is not cheap huh.. and I need quite a lot, so I've decided that I would just buy few first for the more important ones and I would buy a piece or two every month until I already have enough for my storage and organization projects.  I actually bought few of various sizes to fit the the things I intend to store.

So this is it! I am looking forward to becoming clutter free by the end of January.  

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dining Table Makeover

Few days before Christmas, I was experimenting and hoping to get a new look for my dining table. I've never replaced my dining table for more than 10 years now and the only way for it to get a new look is to add some highlights on the chairs and have something new for the center piece.  I was really planning to engage myself on some DIY projects but unfortunately, I was very busy preparing as well for my daughter's debut party, so I just tried to make use of what I already have at home and just add some fresh flowers to give my dining table a bit of exciting look. 

I just recycle those peach colored clothes which fortunately match my wall paint which is bright orange.  White fresh flowers are just perfect to accentuate the new table runner (in Christmas motif) that I bought.

What do you think?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Take Time For Yourself While TTC

Starting a family does not only mean having a fully furnished home, a garden, a garage, a car and all the material things that we can possess as a couple.  Starting a family first and foremost requires having children whom you can share your joys with as a couple and as parents. In today's time however, couples are now so preoccupied with work and building their finances that they often neglect the idea of having their own children while still early.  For the others, they considered building a family as a hindrance to doing what they love to do.  They have this thinking that couple can enjoy more their freedom when they don't have a baby at home to look after.  However, time will come that you will get bored going out and enjoying each other, you will surely long for a kid who could inspire your day.

Trying to conceive is an opportunity for couple to be intimate however, some couple becomes too preoccupied with the thought of getting pregnant that they become more and more stressed in trying to conceive, especially those who took several months of trying to conceive. When getting pregnant, it doesn’t mean your relationship will be compromised. says that a couple can still spice up their relationship even though they’re trying to conceive. When you think your relationship is becoming more and more affected because of your TTC journey, don’t waste time, go ahead and schedule a preconception trip with your partner or go out and have a date, do the things you both love and enjoy. Your relationship doesn’t need to be compromised because you’re trying to conceive. 

While building a family needs to be properly planned, it doesn't need to go to the extent that we are already putting pressures to ourselves.  Trying to conceive in the most natural way and at the same time enjoying each other's company can do wonders for a more stable and happy relationship.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Decorating Need Not Be Expensive

When it comes to decorating, I always have one rule, it shouldn't be expensive and must showcase my creativity.  I am an avid fan of decorations which are nature inspired.  I want that "cooling effect" I experienced brought about by plants and stones.  I also love the idea that I could make use of cheap materials and transform them to a wonderful work of art.  I love DIY decors and the same thing is true for holiday decors.  Christmas spirit can come out alive with wonderful Christmas decors. Christmas season always bring that festive atmosphere.  If you're in a hurry and no time to make your own Christmas decors, you can try getting from color christmas ornaments - as well.  For sure, they have variety of colorful Christmas ornaments that would suit your theme.

For those who love real bargains, you can visit any local shop or dollar store and shop for affordable materials that you can use in creating your own Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and lanterns. This will be much cheaper and at the same time, you can showcase your artistic talent and make your friends admire your unique creativity.

Look at this one, isn't it lovely?