Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Choosing Alternative College Housing Options

Although many college students choose to live in dorms, these aren’t the only options. Dorms do have certain advantages, and are often the most convenient form of housing. However, many students prefer to get off campus and venture into more “adult” housing. Housing options like Campus Evolution Villages at Murray State can be a good compromise between the two—maintaining a close connection with the school while giving students a little more freedom than a traditional dorm.

What to Look For

When choosing your college housing, it’s a good idea to look around at a variety of options in the area to see what each one has to offer. Internet access is usually a must, unless you want to complete all your schoolwork at your library or computer room. Utilities like heat and electricity may come included in your rent, or you may have to pay extra for these. Once you look at the most important deciding factors, you can compare other benefits like pools, weight rooms, laundry rooms, or athletic facilities. You may also be influenced by the distance from campus and the nearest grocery store, especially if you don’t own a car.

When You Move In

Alternative college housing options like Campus Evolution Villages at Murray State are a great way to introduce students to the responsibilities of the adult world. Once you move in, you will be responsible for making your own food, cleaning your apartment, and doing laundry. There’s a lot more work involved than living in a dorm, and it’s important to learn how to budget your time effectively. You will also have more financial responsibilities, like paying rent and monthly bills. While this can seem like a hassle, it’s also a good way to build up a good credit history. When you get out into the “real world” after you graduate, you’ll have a solid financial foundation to start out with. This is also a good time to get a credit card, if you don’t already have one. Using your credit card regularly—and responsibly—is another way to establish good credit with the banks. And you'll probably need it to buy gas and groceries, along with all your school supplies.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I Got To Do This!

I already have one cup cake tower which I bought from a local store but I am still planning to have more since baking and selling cup cakes is also our business.  I've found this beautifully crafted cup cake tower made from goblets and serving platters.  I think this is really worth a try coz when I went shopping last time, I saw some cheap serving platters in nice colors and shape at a local thrift store.  I guess goblets are not so hard to find, too.  This is really a cool project this summer and I would definitely include this in my bucket list of projects.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Benefits of Adding Awnings to Your Home

Awnings in Greensboro, NC, are an easy way to spruce up any home. Not only do they look attractive, they provide a wide variety of benefits to a house. No matter where you live or what your personal tastes are, you can find an awning that's right for your home.

Increase Your Living Space

Awnings are a wonderful way to increase the square footage of your house. This is especially true in mild or warm climates, where it’s possible to be outside for most of the year. You can use this area to hold dinner parties, entertain guests, or just sit outside with a good book. An awning will keep away the sun and rain while you get to enjoy the fresh air with your family and friends. Add a grill or patio furniture to complete the transformation and make the space as useful as possible.

Add Curb Appeal

Awnings can add value to your home and will help to give your home a little character. Choose the color or design that appeals to you. Many companies will even create custom awnings with your personalized logos or designs. You’ll be able to feel like your home has a more personal touch, and you can enjoy showing it off to friends and family. And if the time ever comes to sell your home, awnings are an attractive selling point that can help improve the value of the house.

Save Energy

Awnings in Greensboro, NC, can also play an important part in energy savings for your home. During the heat of the summer, direct sunlight can raise the temperature in your home drastically, and your air conditioner has to work overtime to keep up. Covering your windows with blinds or drapes can help, but these will make your room dark and you’ll have to spend more money on electric lighting. Awnings can shade your windows against the sun, while still allowing natural light to come inside and light your room. And, unlike blinds and drapes, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of opening and closing them every day. They protect your home year-round, without creating any extra work for you.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Herb Garden Right On your Dining Table


I guess, I'm a little bit slow when it comes to completing my herb garden which I've planned to do decades ago (lol).  Well, I've started with some but I haven't had the luxury of time to complete everything as of this time and I'm so looking forward to have this done as soon as possible.  But one thing good about failing to do this at once is having the opportunity to look for more herb gardening ideas and recently, I've found this awesome idea of having an herb garden right on your dining table.  I love that there is also a separate tin container for your small scissors in case you intend to cut some stalks for your salads or any dish that you're preparing in the kitchen.  You see, this doesn't even require us to buy so many things.  Empty tins were used for planting the herbs and adding some ribbons and a perfect underliner tray did the trick.

Isn't it awesome?


Thursday, March 27, 2014

4 Safety Measures to Take Before Your Next DIY Project

Occupational Health and Safety has become the bedrock of the building industry; similarly, if you consider yourself to be a DIY king or queen, the security and wellness of your family and visitors (especially those lending a hand) should be at the forefront of your mind. Before you walk around your abode or commercial building pondering what it may look like months from now, after the last lick of paint dries and furniture takes up residence, implement these safety measures to ensure nothing goes pear shaped and everybody goes home in one piece. DIY maven or not, you can never be too safe!

Eye on the Sky

The roof is a potentially hazardous renovation location on a good day; not only are you high up, but the tiles are rarely stable supports, particularly if you’ve never been up there – who knows what conditions you’ll meet? Standing on the top of the world has its perks, although, before you get caught up in the fantastic views, consider these three roof safety essentials: ladder safety, anchor points and personal protection equipment. Falls are a very real consequence of working at heights, as the right safety equipment (including PPE essentials like a harness, lanyard, and rope) can save you from taking the fast trip down, sans ladder and ending in broken limbs. Start your roof top journey by contacting a height safety business like to take you through the finer points of ladder safety, PPE Equipment and everything in between.

What’s in the Box?

Have you ever wondered where the streams of electricity come from, as they flow from power point to light socket? The circuit breaker box is the conduit of electricity, directing currents to your whitegoods, entertainment units and phone chargers; it’s the brain of the house, basically. When you’re DIY renovating, or even getting help, accept nothing less than the utmost care and attention around this live wire environment. Always ensure everything is clearly labelled (turning everything off is not a solution, as you’ll need electricity to power most tools) and the correct awareness of circuits and wire safety is disseminated among your unofficial work crew.

Let There Be Light!

Renovation brings on disorder, as things get moved, debris piles up and stray materials litter walk ways, prepared for the next day. Suitable lighting is essential to ensuring the safety of your family, particularly if you’re living on your own worksite. Assess the weaknesses of your current setup and consider investing in flood lamps and other portable solutions to avoid potentially painful or dangerous situations.

Chemical Containment

Power tools secured? Check. Circuit Box labelled? Yes. Paths cleared? Definitely. Well fitted PPE equipment? Always…Forgetting something? Chemical containment or management is often left until last, acted upon as an afterthought. Even if you don’t have curious little kids running around your ankles, chemicals are prone to react with each other, give off fumes and damage the environment. Minimise risk and harm by storing containers in a dry place, away from any pets or children; police all chemicals to make sure nothing is left out overnight.

Do you have anything to add to the safety conversation? Do you fancy yourself a DIY expert? Join the conversation below and share your home grown tips!

Monday, March 24, 2014

7 Essentials For a Stress-Free Move

Whether you’ve always been somewhat of a nomad who’s a dab hand at moving house, or find yourself moving to a new home after many years, check out these 7 essentials for making your move stress-free.

1.       Upstairs, Downstairs
Everything you take with you has to fit through your front or back door. So try to gather all your stuff as close to the departure point as you can. Get all boxes down from the attic or up from the basement before moving day arrives. Clear space in a room that you can do without for a few days before the move and stack everything in there.

2.       Clutter Away
As you move things, get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last couple of years – there’s no point moving it if you don’t need it.

3.       Book a Van
If you’re tackling the move yourself, hire a decent-sized van with a tail lift so you won’t be lifting any more than necessary. In other countries, moving and lifting big furniture items need special assistance. In those cases, furniture removals Sydney are sure to be contacted for assistance.  Get hold of a heavy duty trolley too. When you book the van, consider a company that will let you pick it up the night before so you can get a start on the loading, and perhaps ask if you can return it the day after the move.

4.       Packaging Paper for Moving House
You’ll need the right tools for the job and that means paper packing supplies including paper packaging tape; packaging paper roll; and packaging paper for moving. Keep your boxes small and manageable to eliminate too much heavy lifting. 

5.       Wrap It Up
Use moving supplies packing paper to protect your breakables. Packaging paper for moving house will ensure you wrap your fragile belongings carefully. Use bubble wrap to wrap items like knives and forks and your best crystal.

6.       Label, Label, Label
Don’t simply label your boxes according to which room they’ll be going into. Label them according to where they’ve come from and you’ll have a much better idea where to find that ashtray or coffee mug when you need to take a break. Label your boxes not only on the top but on two sides too so you won’t have to lift each and every box to find out what you’ve put in it. Also make some signs for the new house such as “office, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2” so those helping you move on the day will know where to put each box.

7.       The Essentials
Put together a moving day essentials box. This box should carry things like a kettle and enough mugs for everyone helping as well as sugar, tea and coffee and a carton of Long Life mile. A bottle of water or some welcoming cold drinks on a hot day are also a good idea as are a couple of snacks and a roll or two of toilet paper.

Create another essentials box with a hammer, screwdriver, drill and a couple of nails too. You may even like to include wall plugs in this box and some light bulbs. Bin bags will come in handy too as will large dust sheets on a rainy day. Planning your move and ensuring you have enough boxes and packaging paper for moving house will ensure that your moving day is that much less stressful and hassle-free.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Concrete Block Raised Bed

I am thinking of making a similar design for my vegetable garden.  I am actually thinking of using some woods but after seeing this, I guess this would last longer.  I have to consider the extreme rainy season in the Philippines where typhoons seems to be a normal occurrence, so I guess concrete blocks will work best than pallets of woods.  I've started growing vegetables on containers as I would love the idea that I could transfer these pots anywhere in the yard but my other green veggies require larger space such as the sweet potatoes, so I need to have a raised bed. I think this one will work best in our yard. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How Roll Up Displays Can Get You Noticed

Trade Shows

Essentially, trade shows are networking hubs for people to come across all sorts of business information – right from the companies who are current players in the specific field. It is also a brilliant way for the companies to increase their brandability and draw attention to their products and services amongst their target marketing audience. It’s also the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of prospective customers.

Roll Up Display Stands By
Roll up display stands neatly and professionally displayed on your exhibition spot are the perfect way to get the word out about your services and products. One of the biggest benefits of having professionally printed stands is that your company can professionally advertised by portable, premium quality banner stands as well as modular stands and brochure stands. These types of marketing tools are easily customisable and really quick and effortless to set up and take down again – it only takes minutes.

If you’ve yet to have display stands printed for your company, take a look at the roll up display stands by They can help you choose the best material for your stand as well as advising on the artwork to ensure your stand remains top-of-mind and draws attendees to your stand.

Choosing a Stand

Choosing the right display stand for your products and services is of the utmost importance, especially if you plan on taking full advantage of the opportunities that exhibits and trade shows offer. You’ll no doubt want to be the exhibitor that grabs your consumer’s attention, calls on your target audience and convinces everyone to check out what you currently have to offer.

Roll up display banners come in a variety of sizes, materials and prices. Every single part has a unique function. So it’s crucial that you select displays that are going to compliment your business’s particular products and services.

Professionally printed display stands are one of the most crucial aspects of presenting your brand at a trade show. Just showing up for the show is simply not good enough – it needs to be worth your customer’s while to visit your set-up. To get the best results from your roll up display stands:

  • Make sure your displays are neatly put together and easily visible for top success
  • Effective displays will pull the crowd in and get them interested in learning more about your offerings
  • Your printing display should encourage active engagement from your visitors. It should draw them in so that you can sing the praises of your products and services.

Visit the website to learn more about roll up banners.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Making The Most of Your Garden Waste

I have lots of plants in my garden and all over our yard and more often than not, I used to do a lot of trimmings and weeding on my plants.  I usually collect all my garden waste and either throw these directly to the garbage can or burn it off to get rid of the insects especially the mosquitoes.  But recently, as I embark more to vegetable gardening and as I try to update my garden, I am on a look out for more ideas and ways to make my gardening adventure more exciting.  I'm getting a lot of tips on how to properly take care of my plants and how to propagate them easily. One of the best tips that I got was how to make my garden waste into fertilizers and I find it really useful since I've been having a lot of garden waste from my daily garden activities.

Composting is the main key here.  I have to collect all the dried leaves and stems that I got out of trimming my plants and put these on an empty large plastic bin. This has to be topped with soil and repeat the process until you are able to convert these garden waste into fertilizer which will definitely add up to the richness of your soil.  I think this is a good way of making the most out of your garden waste. You are able to help the community by producing less garbage and at the same time, you are able to give something useful back to the garden. 

Isn't this awesome?