Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Storage

Now that it's already school summer break in the Philippines, one of my long list of tasks to accomplish at home when I take my vacation is decluttering the house and of course, organizing books.  Each year, the books in the house keep on accumulating as both my children are buying new set of books every school year.  Though I have passed on already almost half of the books to my nieces and neighbors, I believe I still have ample in stock.  I normally select the books which I think would still be of use to them as reference materials and those that are out dated and no longer fit to their age are given away.  Hmm.... I would rather have these books enjoyed by other people rather than see them accumulating dust in the house.  This way, I already get rid of too much things to store and at the same time, I get to help some less fortunate kids to make full use of those resources.

When my son's room was built a year ago, he personally design his room in such a way that he is going to have an ample storage for his books and personal things.  Lots of drawers, shelves and cabinets.  The size of his room is just nice for him...not too big and not too small.  He was able to utilize all the available spaces as storage areas.  He's really growing smart with a good sense of creativity.  :)

Searching for book shelf designs, my attention was caught by this unique spine book case. 
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My first time to see such a design.  I guess this is perfect for my daughter who prefer to have her books currently in use for a particular school year on a place within her reach which  I understand because her book shelf is a bit high and she's not comfortable to open it and search for her books from time to time.  Normally, I would see her currently used text books scattered on the floor or on top of the table.  I guess this spine book would somehow help solve the problem ....... and I think the best thing is, it's not so costly to fabricate one.  

Hmmm...I'll see if I can make one for her when I come back home.

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