Monday, April 11, 2011

Choosing Your Home Developer

I’m pretty sure that many employees especially those having families of their own are already considering buying a house and lot from a real state developer.  Definitely, they would find this as an easy option since most real state developers are tied up with PAGIBIG or SSS. So all they have to do is to scout for the dream house, apply for a loan and pay the monthly amortization.  If you happen to stroll inside the malls, you would find some agents handing over some pamphlets or brochures containing the models of the houses which their companies are offering.  Normally price varies depending on the size and the design.

Before choosing a property developer, make sure that you have conducted the necessary background checks as to the licenses and credibility of the companies.  Check if they are approved by the Housing and Land Urban Regulatory Board (HLURB).  We have to make sure that our “hard earned” money will be invested wisely.  Here are some:

Ayala Lands Inc.
Garces Real State
Philippine Realty Show Room
Robinsons Land
Cuervo Far East
Town and Country Homes
Jade Group, Inc.

Get a developer which offers an affordable financing scheme.  Join open house trips to see from your own eyes how the house actually looks like, the location, the neighborhood, the amenities, etc.

I’m sure you will find one that will suit your budget, your wants and your life style.


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