Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creating An Outdoor Room

I think an outdoor room is not so popular in the Philippines, but in US, it is.  I myself is new to this thing.  I haven't encounter yet any articles from Philippine magazines featuring outdoor rooms, but since I am a person who reads a lot and I am a person who loves decorating my yard, my curiosity had led me to discover more of outdoor rooms.  

First what is an Outdoor Room? It is basically a space outside your house whether at the front or back yard where you want to spend some leisure time with the family.  Actually the objective of having an outdoor room varies depending on the life style and hobbies of each member of the family.  But for me, perhaps an outdoor room would be a perfect place for relaxation, for meditation, for reading, for a serious talk with your kid, for soul searching or even for blogging :)  It is a place where you can find a peace within yourselves.  It is also an alternative space for getting away from the usual sight of your bedroom or living room where you can get a fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on an early morning meditation or simply appreciating the beauty of nature that surrounds you.  An outdoor room is normally attached to the house in full view from your living room, dining area or bedroom depending on the availability of space but it can also be detached depending on your preference.

Here are samples of the Outdoor Rooms courtesy of www.hgtv.com.  You can visit their website for more designs and ideas on how to build one.  I just featured the following designs which are my personal choices.  Hopefully, I can create any of these designs in my yard soon.

I only have one reservation, though... the unpredictable weather conditions in the Philippines!  I think rainy season is longer than the dry season so protecting your outdoor room throughout the rainy season would be a thing to consider. For this, I suggest fabricating a water proof covering that is easy to install and remove anytime you want.  Personally, I would prefer my outdoor room to be small to medium size only so it would be easy to maintain and decorate.  But I guess, any size would do.

Dont you think it's a great idea to have one?

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