Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Your Girl's Bedroom Stand Out!

I always have an inclination to something that is colorful and if I have to design my daughter's bedroom, I prefer it to be "eye catching" in terms of colors and designs.  Maybe I'm basically a "kikay".... :) But really, I love something cute and colorful.  This is the reason why when my pocket garden in the house was being installed, I always remind the landscaper to make it "colorful".  Why? because vibrant colors make the surrounding attractive and creates a "happy atmosphere".  So, I was thinking if I have to design a room for my daughter, it would be something like this :

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How do you find the designs? Isn't it colorful and lovely?  Actually, if you will try to examine carefully, it's not that's just a matter of creativity and an eye for good furniture designs.  Curtains and bed sheets plus the accessories will also make a big difference on the final outcome of the room.  I guess, choosing a color theme that will suit your daughter's preference will be a good way to uplift her moods.

I still believe that a beautifully decorated room with things well organized and tidy would be best regardless of the price of the decorations and accessories used.

Just sharing!


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