Friday, April 15, 2011

Grocery Bag Holders

I guess a common problem for all home makers is getting organized in the kitchen and one of the mess that I usually get stuck up with is the accumulating grocery bags (plastic bags, to be precise) as a result of the regular grocery shopping.  Plastic bags can be seen anywhere in the kitchen area hiding under the kitchen cabinets, behind the fridge, at the kitchen cup board, just anywhere that has a space J.  But we don’t want to totally get rid of these recyclable plastic bags as we want to reuse these as garbage bags or perhaps we would like to use it when buying stuff in the market.  So, the solution is to have a grocery bag holder.  You can purchase it on shops or through online stores or you can also make your own.  But if there is one readily available at a cheap price, I guess buying one will save you from all the hassles. 

Here are the samples that I picked online with their corresponding prices:

You can check these out at





Hope you can find one that will suit your need and kitchen space.

Just sharing!

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