Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kitchen Pantry Organizers

After I came back home to have my vacation, the first thing that caught my attention was the pantry area in the kitchen.  Oh my!  the pantry items were scattered everywhere.  Well, I couldn't blame the people in the house, the kids definitely wouldn't keep an eye on this.  They are still young to be conscious about decluttering.  My Mom is just too old for this task and my house helper, I guess would not care enough.  So, I have this task to do.  After all it's my house and if there's anyone who's supposed to have a primary concern about it's neatness and orderliness, it should be me...who else?

My mission? well... I have to look for some pantry organizers.  I don't have the time to order online so perhaps the best thing that I have to do is just to get some ideas and then go straight to any shop selling these kind of stuff.  I have to make a move getting things organized before I suffer from migraine :) Yup... I used to have a migraine attack when everything around me appears so messy.  Hmm.. looking for ideas, here's what I've got :

There are various ways to organize your kitchen stuff.  Just a matter of choosing what best suits your kitchen.  Want to get more ideas? Click here.

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