Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcoming My Second Blog - "Home Sweet Home"!

At last, after nearly two weeks of trying to deliberate on what will be my second blog site, I finally came up with this site titled “Home Sweet Home”.  I have long wanted to have a blog focused on everything about homes.  A home lover myself, I always find interest reading articles on magazines about home improvements, home decorating tips, gardening, home care tips and anything and everything about home.  In fact, the moment I set foot on any mall, my first destination is the home section where I can find a lot of things for the house.  From curtains, bed sheets, table cloths, decorations, kitchen wares, etc.  I really love to fix and decorate my house.  My family is always a witness of how engaged I am in trying to beautify my house.  Even my first house which I am now renting out was properly taken care of during those years that the family was staying there.  No matter how humble and simple my house is, I manage to make it pleasant to the eyes of the on lookers and visitors alike.  I guess, it’s not about the size nor the expensive construction materials used in building the house that matters, but how focused are you in keeping your home a pleasant place to stay.  Even a beautifully constructed house, if not properly maintained and taken care of will also be useless.  After I moved to my second house, I was pre occupied on thinking on ways and means to improve it.  I don’t have a big budget for the house.  So the improvements introduced to our house has been a labor of love from all the members of the family and everything was not done overnight.  It took us years, trying to complete every detail that we want for our humble home.  It’s so simple yet reflects my personality.  Currently, it’s just a 3 bedroom house.  I actually planned for a 4 bedroom house with the master’s bedroom on the second floor of the garage but because the budget is very tight now, we still have to wait probably for few more years before it’s finally done, as planned.  Anyway, the current size is just fine as I’m not currently staying there anyway. J.  But every time, I go back home to take a vacation, I always see to it that  something, no matter how small, will be added into it.

Now having said that, I am dedicating this blog to my family and to all the people out there who share the same interest, as me.  I will be featuring tips and ideas about houses, and hopefully that I maybe able to share my experiences and adventures in running my “home sweet home”

Expect more of this on my future posts.



  1. Congrats on your second blog. Thanks for the visit

  2. Thank you Anne! Thanks for visiting, too.

  3. Cool. If you want to browse some of the finest homes, check the automated home finder

  4. Congrats on your second blog ! Sure feels "at home" here :)

  5. Thanks KM! I will surely be glad to see you here often! I'm sure that you also have a lot to share when it comes to home decorating...


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