Monday, April 11, 2011

Working On My New Project!

During my last vacation which was December of last year, I managed to put up a pocket garden on my front yard.  This was featured on my other blog,  The project was a success based from the reactions of those who have seen it.  Everybody loves the colorful design and motif of our new garden.  It comes with a mini fish pond attached to a mini water falls.  Everything was conceptualized and installed by Ms. Regine of Regine's Garden.  Her shop and garden center is located at Castillejos Zambales.  Now...I'm thinking of putting up a garden canopy for this garden and I preferred a wooden canopy.  It's hard to explain to whoever worker will be contacted to fabricate one for our house, so to give him a better idea, I scout for some sample pics online.

I like this design, simple and classy.  I also think that this is not so costly as materials are just woods.  But I think, it can also be fabricated using metals.  I still have to check which one is cheaper.  But, I have more preference to the woods and I love it to be black in color but my kids prefer white, as they said that color will match the house. Hmmm... well, I will try to see first :)

Just hope that I would be able to do this project as I might be very busy.  But I would try my best to spare a time for this.

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  1. Hi there! I visited you already but your blog site is written in Chinese and I can't understand. Perhaps, you could install a google translator? :)


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