Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Accessories Organizer - A Must have!

One of the most common problem in organizing your personal stuff in your own bedroom is getting your accessories all in one place.  I always experience the difficulty finding the right accessory to match my outfit from the accumulating number of accessories that I have.  Why? Because they are kept in different separate containers, so chances are, I have to open up one by one before I can finally find what really I want.

The same problem goes with my daughter who has a number of accessories at home.  She likes to mix and match all the time and believe me...I'm getting the headache seeing her disorganized accessories!

That is why seeing this organizer made me feel sigh with relief.  I'm sure this is the answer to our problem.  It's handy, light weight and best of all....cheap!

This definitely could save a lot of your time dressing up for work or for any appointment that you have.

You can get this for only $13.99 at www.organize.com.  What do you think?

Elegant Serving Carts!

I've been thinking of buying service carts long time ago but I just put this idea on hold as this is really not a necessity.  I have to prioritize my purchases for my house...so it should be one step at a time  :)

But given the chance, I would be glad to get one for the house.  I stumbled upon these lovely and elegant service carts online.  I think from www.organize.com.   These two designs come with sturdy metal frame and glass shelves.
Price for the circular one is $61.99 while the rectangular one is $72.49.

These serving carts would be ideal for transporting foods and drinks from your kitchen to the living room or terrace where you can serve your visitors with snacks and drinks easily and conveniently.  I've seen one from a friend's house and I really find it cute and presentable serving snacks to your guests using these service carts. 

Get one!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Improving Your House...... A Painful Task?

Introducing improvements to your house is a very rewarding and yet a painful task.  With the rising cost of the building supplies and materials as well as the labor cost, it's really very hard to maintain and introduce some improvements to your "home sweet home".

I myself had undergone sacrifices building my own house.  It's not easy!  You have to be disciplined in saving your hard earned money to get that house that you desire for your family.  I guess the basic thing to consider is avoid going into debts unless it's really necessary.  The interest that you have to pay for the debts can be saved instead and utilize for some other expenses required for building your house.

When we first build our house, we just started from the basic.  Having the whole structure built up complete with the roof, windows and doors is good for a start.  The rest shall follow later.  I remembered that when we first stay there, the exterior of the house was not completed yet.  Then later, year by year...... we introduced some improvements until it's almost done.  That way, we can get away from debts and interest. After eveything gets completed, that's the time that we thought of beautifying the house based from what we want and what we feel necessary.

Now, I'm happy to say that everything is falling into places.  Things were not done very fast but it's moving towards how I want.

Every time I go back to my house to take my vacation, I see to it that I have at least one thing to accomplish from my list of  projects that I usually write down in my tasks list every year.

Working out things towards your goals and dreams is such a heavy task but a rewarding experience to keep you going...working....and dreaming!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outdoor Inspired Lamps!

Photo credit : hgtv

These natural woods shade are best if you want your house to have that "oriental" look!  These can also best use for vacation houses near the beach.  These wood lamps will surely create a refreshing sight on your living rooms or outdoor spaces.   

If you like cozy and stylish table lamps, you can find a lot online. There's a wide range of products that will surely satisfy your discriminating taste.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hanging Candle Holders?

I always have a fascination for something unique and stylish.  Look at how they made use of those square vases and clear vases as candle holders and fresh flower vases! So elegant and stylish! I never thought of this idea which I think is really cool and "eye catcher".  It would definitely add a "drama" and romantic atmosphere in your dining area.

Of course when choosing the glass vases, we have to choose those "durable" ones.  We have to invest on something which is of good quality.  Square vases at www.potterybarn.com is quite costly but perhaps would certainly last for years.  But if you're on a budget, you can choose from the shops around your area.  At any rate, since you'll definitely like your dining area to stand out, it would be wise to invest on something  of good "quality".  You will save in the long run.

I feel like want to try it! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decorating With River Rocks And Stones!

I just loved how these clear vases were decorated!  I was actually thinking of how to create a candle holder which is unique and stylish.  This is the answer!  You can create your own designs depending on the availability of materials or you can be more creative by adding more accents or either use colored stones.  But I think, personally, I would prefer these types of polished stones shown on the pics.  So lovely!

Want more varieties? You can find many online or you may want to visit potterybarn.

Creative Wall Organizer!

Wow! these wall organizers caught my attention.  I love to be organized at all times.  My family is a witness of my efforts having everything in the house organized.  I always look for more options and possibilities to maximize the space in the house while getting things organized.  I love racks, cabinets, organizers and anything that will keep my things in top shape. I want all my personal stuff in the house neatly arranged.  Why not? This makes me feel comfortable and clutter free.

My house is just of standard size so I don't have the luxury of space.  The only way to have everything you need around the house without appearing messy is to make use of creative organizers.  Not only these protect your favorite stuff but also hold everything nicely in place.

Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of wall organizers which can be shipped to any country in 5 business days.

The designs shown above can be ordered online, click here for more options.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovely Lamp Shade For Your Bedroom!

This Lamp shade is cute and stylish and would be perfect for girl's bedroom. I think it would be more cool if you will choose a colored bulb for an added drama in your bedroom.  Price is $36.  You can have it from lampsusa.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Love Green!

Green is not my favorite color but  when it comes to my house, I love anything that comes with green. The color of the wall in my own bedroom is apple green, even my curtains.  When I stare on something green, I feel relaxed! I don't know why.  Maybe that's the reason why I love to grow plants all over my house.  Even the color of my kitchen cabinets are also apple green.

I think apple green is really cool! I even encountered from one of my readings that when your eyes get tired, just stare on something green for few minutes and your eyes will feel refreshed.  They always call my house "green house" as everything around is green.  The roof, the gates, the fence and the house itself.

But honestly, I already thought of changing my color motif for the house as this was on for about 9 years now.  We just keep on retouching the paint to make it look clean.  I'm thinking of changing with yellow.  But of course, I will forever have a touch of green in the house as I have so many plants around the area.  I guess..I will keep on adding :)

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unique Orchids Arrangement

I never thought of this idea until I saw this orchids arrangement personally during our visit to Damsen Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City.  Orchids were actually in small plastic pots of same color and were arranged to form an arc.  There is a steel arc purposely fabricated to hold the orchid pots.  It's lovely!  Can be put in your garden entrance or gates.  Awesome!!

Lovely Bonsai Tree!

If I have the chance, this is what I wish to acquire in the house, a lovely bonsai tree.  I have lots of ornamental, flowering and air plants in the house, but I really wanted to have few bonsai trees.  Hmm...it's quite pricey that's why I always postponed buying this.  but maybe this year, I will already start with my collection of bonsai and orchids...hopefully!!

I captured this photo from the Zoo and Botanical Garden at Hoh Chi Minh City when we had visited that place in line with our Saigon tour.  I was really fascinated with the lovely gardens.  there's a lot of bonsais everywhere...so lovely! I really love plants and nature...

Well....my kids promised to get one for me after I mentioned to them that I would like to have even one.  Hmmm.. let's see how far they can do their promise :)

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abstract Paintings

These are the two abstract paintings that my son Edmar did last year.  He just made use of a simple paper and some paints and framed it using our recycled wooden frames.  He has an inclination to anything that's abstract.

One was hung inside my bedroom and the other one at the dirty kitchen area. Sometimes, we can use of readily available materials in the house to create something decorative for the house.  it would be great decorating our house on a smaller budget.  More so, using recycled materials.  

Try it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cute Coffee Table!!

photo credit : hgtv

I am a person who loves coffee!! I can never let the day passed without having a cup of fresh coffee.  If I have an extra space in the house, I would love to have a coffee area...hmm...something like this one! It's cute and colorful! I love the way the little tables were arranged and the book shelf in the background.  This is perfect for those people who loves to read and spend their leisure time doing their hobbies over a cup of coffee.  There are various ways of decorating your coffee table and it's entire area but it all depends on the space available and your preference for some unique furniture pieces.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garden Canopy....In the Making!

At last, I was able to contact the carpenter who would work on our garden canopy.  We intend to make it as an additional decoration in the garden as well as a protecting roof for the the mini fish pond and water falls.  But we also intend to hang some plants thereat.

Here's the initial outcome....still on the process of completion, though.  I would be posting the final outcome of the completed task once it's through.

I was expecting a satisfying result and I'm certain that it would be! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lovely Garden View!

I really love plants and everything about nature! That's one thing for sure.... That's why I always feel relaxed every time I have a sight of my lovely garden.  It really helps especially when it's summer to have plenty of plants around the house.  Aside from the lovely and colorful sight, it helps to make the air cooler and fresher.  I also learned from my readings that plants and trees help to purify the air.  The water feature in my garden also helps to give a relaxed feeling especially when you hear the sound of the moving water.

Now, I'm on the process of having a canopy installed to cover my fish pond.  I intend to hang some orchids to give a fresher look.  The colorful flowers of the orchids will definitely add up to the beauty of the garden, as a whole.

I can't wait to see the outcome...

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