Sunday, May 29, 2011

Improving Your House...... A Painful Task?

Introducing improvements to your house is a very rewarding and yet a painful task.  With the rising cost of the building supplies and materials as well as the labor cost, it's really very hard to maintain and introduce some improvements to your "home sweet home".

I myself had undergone sacrifices building my own house.  It's not easy!  You have to be disciplined in saving your hard earned money to get that house that you desire for your family.  I guess the basic thing to consider is avoid going into debts unless it's really necessary.  The interest that you have to pay for the debts can be saved instead and utilize for some other expenses required for building your house.

When we first build our house, we just started from the basic.  Having the whole structure built up complete with the roof, windows and doors is good for a start.  The rest shall follow later.  I remembered that when we first stay there, the exterior of the house was not completed yet.  Then later, year by year...... we introduced some improvements until it's almost done.  That way, we can get away from debts and interest. After eveything gets completed, that's the time that we thought of beautifying the house based from what we want and what we feel necessary.

Now, I'm happy to say that everything is falling into places.  Things were not done very fast but it's moving towards how I want.

Every time I go back to my house to take my vacation, I see to it that I have at least one thing to accomplish from my list of  projects that I usually write down in my tasks list every year.

Working out things towards your goals and dreams is such a heavy task but a rewarding experience to keep you going...working....and dreaming!

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