Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elegant Serving Carts!

I've been thinking of buying service carts long time ago but I just put this idea on hold as this is really not a necessity.  I have to prioritize my purchases for my house...so it should be one step at a time  :)

But given the chance, I would be glad to get one for the house.  I stumbled upon these lovely and elegant service carts online.  I think from www.organize.com.   These two designs come with sturdy metal frame and glass shelves.
Price for the circular one is $61.99 while the rectangular one is $72.49.

These serving carts would be ideal for transporting foods and drinks from your kitchen to the living room or terrace where you can serve your visitors with snacks and drinks easily and conveniently.  I've seen one from a friend's house and I really find it cute and presentable serving snacks to your guests using these service carts. 

Get one!

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