Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Love Green!

Green is not my favorite color but  when it comes to my house, I love anything that comes with green. The color of the wall in my own bedroom is apple green, even my curtains.  When I stare on something green, I feel relaxed! I don't know why.  Maybe that's the reason why I love to grow plants all over my house.  Even the color of my kitchen cabinets are also apple green.

I think apple green is really cool! I even encountered from one of my readings that when your eyes get tired, just stare on something green for few minutes and your eyes will feel refreshed.  They always call my house "green house" as everything around is green.  The roof, the gates, the fence and the house itself.

But honestly, I already thought of changing my color motif for the house as this was on for about 9 years now.  We just keep on retouching the paint to make it look clean.  I'm thinking of changing with yellow.  But of course, I will forever have a touch of green in the house as I have so many plants around the area.  I guess..I will keep on adding :)

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