Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lovely Garden View!

I really love plants and everything about nature! That's one thing for sure.... That's why I always feel relaxed every time I have a sight of my lovely garden.  It really helps especially when it's summer to have plenty of plants around the house.  Aside from the lovely and colorful sight, it helps to make the air cooler and fresher.  I also learned from my readings that plants and trees help to purify the air.  The water feature in my garden also helps to give a relaxed feeling especially when you hear the sound of the moving water.

Now, I'm on the process of having a canopy installed to cover my fish pond.  I intend to hang some orchids to give a fresher look.  The colorful flowers of the orchids will definitely add up to the beauty of the garden, as a whole.

I can't wait to see the outcome...

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