Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Create A Style With Colorful Slip Ons

Add life to your living room by using colorful slip ons to your sofa set with matching colorful carpet.  This design by Helen Richardson  is definitely an "eye catcher".  I love the bold colors!

This is definitely an easier alternative to having your tired furniture set a "new look".  I know it's quite costly to have those living room sets re upholstered.  The advantage of having a slip on cover is that it can easily be washed.  You can also opt to have two sets of slip on to be used alternately.  Not only will it give you a time to wash and dry those slip on covers but it will also allow you to have a different color and design everytime you changed it for laundry.

I love how the colors are mixed and matched in this design by Helen Richardson.

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