Monday, June 20, 2011

A Good Way to Showcase Your Jar Collection

We were dining in at Mon Hue Restaurant around Ben Thanh Market area at Hoh Chih Min City when I captured these photos.  I just love the interiors of this small but elegantly decorated restaurant.  In fact, this is the primary reason why we were attracted to enter and try this resto!

I just love how their jar collection were put on display!  I have ceramic jars in my house, too but I just placed them on the floor which I think is not really secure.  In fact, two were already accidentally broken by my daughter : ( 

I think this is a good idea.  Putting them on display on a wall cabinet makes these lovely jar collection safe.  It can also be easily viewed and appreciated by your house visitors.  Not only that! I think it looks more elegant on a cabinet display with all those lights!

Do you think so?

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