Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How About Container Gardening?

First of all, what is container gardening? Oh well...I guess it's self explanatory.  Container gardening is growing your own plants with the aid of containers.  I guess this is the answer to the problem of those garden lovers who are city dwellers or those living on apartments and condominiums.  Now, the good news is...the only limit to gardening is your imagination!  Even those little spaces like porch or patios can be transformed into a colorful garden.  What can be use as containers?  Many....the options are endless!  Wooden barrels, plant boxes, hanging baskets, recycled containers, empty tin cans, plastic pots, plant hangers are just a few.  But I think, in order for you to succeed with container gardening, it would be best to do some readings and researches as to what types of containers are suitable for certain locations and certain plants of your choice.  We need to understand clearly what we want to grow in our garden. How many plants we want to grow, how small is the area, what type of plants or vegetables and if the area you are eyeing for is under direct sun light, shady and so on.  This basic information will give us a cue on how to start!

From what I've learned, soil less potting mix  works best!  These mixes can be purchased from your local garden centers or if you're knowledgeable enough, then perhaps you can make your own mixture.

For a start, it would be best to get a book or any reference material that you can consult from time to time.  I think there are so many things that you can find online.  One recommendation is this 32 page booklet which will provide you with all the basics about container gardening.

You may also opt to grow your own vegetable garden through container gardening.  Whether you would like to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce or any vegetable that you want, container gardening is a good thing to consider.  If you want a readily available mini herb garden, you can purchase one online.  I think, I've covered this topic in one of my recent posts. 

With the growing number of garden enthusiasts who are always ready to give tips and ideas, your love for garden is no longer a dream to consider but a good hobby to push through.  Whether it's flowers, shrubs, herbs or vegetables, container gardening would be an answer to your gardening fancies.

For me, I will always love gardening in whatever form!  You should try one that best suits you! :)

For more tips and ideas, you can click here.


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