Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Home Garden!

I never had a chance to post about my pocket garden here but I think I've mentioned this on my other blog.  My pocket garden was actually in place last December 2010 by Regine from Regine's Garden at Castillejos Zambales.  She was recommended to us by my son's classmate as her Garden Center is located near to their house.  Although a bit far from our residential house, Regine made an ocular inspection of the site in Olongapo.  After some inspection of the area, she made a quotation and described briefly how she would do the project.  

You see, the space is just small that's why I use to call it my pocket garden.  I just utilize the free space in front of the yard adjacent to our terrace. I actually have a big space on the right hand side of my lot but I'm reserving it for another project so just to fulfill my simple wish, I just opted to have my mini garden on that little space in front of the house.  My son approved to my idea and have it done right away.  We requested to put a little fish pond with a mini water falls, all made of rocks and stones.  Then we requested to have a small garden table made of cement on the corner which will function as a coffee table, as well.  Then I requested Regine to put some colorful garden accessories.  Well... filling the floor area with pebbles adorned with garden steps is Regine's idea.

I just featured my own garden here to show that even the tiniest spot in your yard can be transformed into a bountiful, refreshing and colorful garden.  It's just a matter of planning and creativity plus a "will power" and you're set to have your own mini garden :)  You see, even this tiny space was able to hold a mini fish pond with a collection of some cute gold fishes and some floating water lilies plus a mini water falls.  We just put on a spot light to shine on the falls at night, and there you have a wonderful sight in your front yard with a relaxing sound of moving water from your mini falls. 

Sometimes, I just opt to have my cup of tea or coffee while seated on my white garden set on my terrace overlooking the mini garden and I'm already feeling relaxed.  Now, we have already fabricated a canopy to serve as protective covering for the fish pond and also for us to have a means to hang my orchids collection. This new canopy was not yet shown on the above photos as this was just "in place" during my last vacation.  Probably, I will just post it next time :)

Living in an apartment or condominium should also not stop you from having your own garden.  The possibilities are endless.... if you're really into plants and gardening, then you can always find some ways to fulfill your fancies.

Have you started with your own garden already?  If not, please do! You'll be missing a lot! 

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