Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Want To Earn Extra Bucks? Have A Garage Sale!

Well...this post is a bit different from my usual posts.  It's because this time, I want to talk on how to earn extra bucks from anything that can be found within the confines of your homes.  You see, there are so many things that we acquired throughout the years and most of these are no longer being use and just collecting dusts inside our storage cabinets.

Actually, I've been thinking and planning to have a "garage sale".  I've mentioned this to my kids long before but thay are a bit reluctant about his idea.  Thay said, who would want to buy used stuff?

But I'm pretty sure that some people within the neighborhood will still be interested to get these especially if those on sale are still of good quality.   Majority of people are practical now and I'm pretty sure that this will be a good idea.

Like for example, my daughter has so many pretty Sunday dresses which are already outgrown and most of these were only worn 2 times the most, and it's quite pricey when I bought these.  Selling these Sunday dresses for about $2 per piece would be a good deal.  She also has lots of stuffed toys and toy bags which are securely kept in her cabinet.  Some were not even touched for a couple of years.  We also have some home stuff that were no longer being used and occupy a large space in our storage cabinets.  I'm also thinking of replacing some of my wall decors and so the replaced ones will also be included on the garage sale.  Oh yes, and the proceeds of this will go to the kids savings account.  It's been 3 yrs since I opened one for each of them and I'm happy to say that it's growing as a result of their own efforts, saving from their school allowances and excess money from their yearly tuition fees. 

I wanted to engage them in an activity like this so they would appreciate the value of earning and saving money.  This way, this would be a habit until they're fully grown up.

So, I definitely wanted to push through with this plan on my next vacation.  This way, I can teach my kids the value of money and at the same time, I can create more available spaces in the house.

This is what they call, "killing two birds in one stone".  :)

Just sharing!

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