Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want To Have An Outdoor Shower?

Who says that outdoor showers can only be found on pool areas and resorts? Not anymore!  Outdoor showers are now starting to take a part in every modern house.  Photos above are sample designs of outdoor showers which are not only space saving but "eye catchy".  Those are both unique and functional.  After seeing these designs, I finally have the urge to have one! (lol).

Why not?  It's a good alternative to an indoor shower.  Another advantage of having one is that when you worked on a dirty job at your house yard like doing some gardening, bathing your pet dogs, doing some minor carpentry and painting works and even after having some repairs of your vehicles, you may not want to enter inside your house and bring in the dirt.  If you have the outdoor shower somewhere in your yard, then you can take a quick shower after that "dirty job" and feel refreshed and clean before you enter your house.  It's good for your small kids too.  

These designs are cool! Dont you think so? 

You can also click here for more ideas.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Create An Illusion!

Design by RMSer

I love how this outdoor room was designed.  They made use of a large mirror and attached it to the wall to create an illusion.  This made the outdoor room looks bigger.  Overall, the place looks fresh and cozy.  It only has a coffee table with two chairs plus some interesting decorative pieces adorned with different kinds of plants  of all sizes and there you have a relaxing atmosphere!  For sure, your guests will love to be entertained in this cozy entrance way to your house. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Reading Nook!

Just thought this reading nook would be an ideal place for Mom.  My Mom is a bit old already and I would love her to have her own quiet place to relax and rest.  I think this reading nook is an ideal set up for her.  This lovely chair is so comfy and looks nice with that piece of throw as an accent.  I also remembered having gifted Mom with a red colored throw few years ago. 

Do you like to get more ideas on how to accentuate your furniture with stylish throws?  Click here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Reviving An Old Furniture!

Cannot help but smile after seeing this photo above from hgtv! :)  Why?  Because just recently, I get rid of one "china cabinet" in my house.  It's old and musty and I found it to be of no use, so I just want to get rid of it!  After seeing this photo only that I realized that this old and outdated china cabinet can be turn into an exciting decorative furniture.  You see, they made use of this old cabinet as a plant stand and it looks unique!  This can find a place in your garage or outdoor garden with roof covering and voila!  an interesting way to showcase your plant collection.  Creativity is the key! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amazing Container Garden!

How would you love to make a  container garden in your homes and achieve beauty and uniqueness?  Photo above is an example of unique container gardening.  These modular square pots were made of cement boards.  They are pulled together to make an attractive piece.  You can choose any color and arrange them anyway you wanted.  The possibilities are endless.  Your imagination will guide you through! :)

More ideas, head on to hgtv for more surprises.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Try Decorating With Purple!

This design is by David Bromstard

I love the color combination of this living room design.  It's so cool! :)  We have to face it, more often, we do not welcome the idea of using vibrant colors in our homes, particularly in the living room.  I don't know but it just gives us a not so comfortable feeling.  We're scared of negative feedback from our guests, that is!

But come to think of it, sometimes, it's nice to reinvent and experiment.  See the design on the photo above?  The designer was able to make use of purple color to go with bright yellow and still manage to have the overall appearance of the living room class and elegant. It goes very well with the white background, white curtains and matching throw pillows.  The chandelier above is so catchy!

I love this color combination!  Unique and elegant!  :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Add Life To Your Walls...Making The Most Of What You have!

Who says that giving your dull space a quick make over requires some "bucks"?  This is what designer RMSer Ecken proved in this design.

I loved his idea of piling those hollow blocks into a unique work of art.  He just arranged the blocks in a manner that it can alternately hold some potted plants to give life to a dull living wall.  I'm actually so excited to try this one in my house.  I also have hollow blocks which had been "left overs" from a previous construction job which are just sitting in my vacant lot.  So why not make use of those to give my walls a "new look"?

You don't need to spend any single penny in this project.  It's just a matter of recycling things that you can find around your house yard.

I would definitely try this one!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Floor Tiles for Outdoor Kitchens!

Another home project that I am seriously considering now is giving my dirty kitchen's flooring a new look.  I am looking into installing outdoor tiles that is easy to clean and easy to maintain.  Beauty is not much a consideration since it is located at the back of the house and not so accessible to visitors.  I just want a flooring that's easy to clean as I always wanted kitchen to be clean and organized.  Obviously, this should be the case as this is the place where we prepare and cook foods for the family.

I was actually looking into these designs which look beautiful and safe as kitchen floors are usually expected to be wet and slippery.

Photo Source:

But I think you can also source it locally. I think the designs are so cool and can really create a "new look" out of your outdoor kitchens.  Hmm...anyway my dirty kitchen is not that spacious so I would probably be needing a small amount of floor tiles only.  The labor cost is actually the one that kills me (lol). Oh well.. this is another home project that I wish to accomplish soon. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Want To Sell Your House?

If you're thinking of selling your house, then perhaps at this early, you should be preparing to increase it's resale value.  Actually house and lot is always a good investment.  It's market value always go up.  It never depreciate in value. However, the overall appearance of your house can attract or distract the attention of your potential buyers.  Let's face it...although house and lots are a good investment, as you definitely be getting more than it's original price value, the downside is it's not that easy to look for a suitable buyer.  It takes months or years before you can finally close a deal as selling and buying a house and lot involves a large sum of money.

To increase your house resale value, then I suggest you to do the following:

Make sure all the real estate taxes are fully paid and on time.
The overall appearance of the house is always an "eye catcher" so it would help a lot if you can do some repainting of the house exteriors and interiors, if possible.

Roofing must be checked for possible leaks.  Put a sealant or change the roofing material if there is a need to do so.

Plants make an attractive sight, so if you plan to sell the house on a later stage, it would be good to start planting some ornamental and flowering plants on plant boxes or you can place some potted plants around the area.  It will give your house a fresher look and a "cooling effect".

Fix those pipes and sinks for any possible leaks as potential buyers   
usually check on this.

Upgrade the flooring finishes.  If the floor is covered with tiles, make sure that this is still in good condition.  Replace those broken pieces.

Check the ceilings for possible repair and repaint it when needed.

Create a multifunctional room like an outdoor room.  This shouldn't be pricey.  Just let your creative juices flowing.

Getting the resale value of your house to your desired amount is an achievement and it pays just simple tricks to achieve this.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Need Awnings For Your Homes?

At last, I was informed by my daughter that finally, rain had stopped.  This has always been my worry during the months of June to November, the rainy season in the Philippines.  Yes, the wet season is quite long and typhoons are coming one after the other.  With these thoughts in mind, you will always worry about the safety of your homes.  Mine is not of primary concern, though.  My house is okay, it's made of sturdy materials.  But because of long months of raining, chances are your external doorways and patios as well as your windows have greater chances of deteriorating because of always being wet.  Actually, I'm still considering a project to be accomplished this year.  That is, installing an awning on the side of my house, a passageway leading to my dirty kitchen.  I need to have a sturdy covering for that area since it also doubles as the laundry area.  Besides, putting an awning thereat  would also protect my windows from deteriorating very fast.  Having these things in mind, I'm always on a look out for possible designs that would be best for my house.  
Photos above were sample designs from superior awning .  However, I am more likely inclined to get the last two designs since I already have one of the same design in place in my mini garden infront of the house.  Just thinking that having a uniform design  would create a better view.  :)

Actually awnings cannot only protect your exterior doorways and windows from deteriorating fast but it can also lessen your energy consumption during summer as it can provide a cooling effect inside your house.  You see, awnings can block the direct heat coming from the sun thereby giving your aircon a chance to cool down faster than the usual.  Better yet, if it wouldn't be that hot anymore, cooling fans can be used instead of aircons which consume lesser electricity.

I would definitely be posting here the outcome of my project once completed.

Thanks for the visit! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Wind Chimes Can Do To Your Homes!

 Photo Source:

Are you fond of hanging wind chimes in your house?  As for me, I do love to hang wind chimes in my house particularly on my terrace leading to the main entrance.  Why is that so?  Because I find wind chimes not only musical and decorative, these are also known to be good tools for "feng shui".
I believe that when you hang wind chimes on the main entrance of your house, you are more likely to attract luck and harmony in your homes.  Wind chimes are said to be a good tool in attracting a positive flow of energy.  On the other hand, when use properly, these can also block negative energies from coming to your house.

Well...I'm not really a "Feng Shui" expert but I do believe in "Feng Shui" and I'm adopting some in my own house.  After all, there's nothing to lose!  

The first photo above is a good design for a wind chime that can be hung in your garden as it is made of bamboo materials while the one on the second photo is ideal for your terrace or main entrance.

Well...I'm not sure of this but based from study, wind chimes can also protect your houses from intruders.
Anyway, whether for "feng shui" or for decoration, I love to hang wind chimes in my house.  The sounds it produced is relaxing enough for me to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

Do you think so?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Classic And Elegant Side Table

I suddenly fell in love with this elegant side table! You see, it is 3 layered and all made of mirrors.

The only disadvantage of this side table is that it should be handled with enough care as it's so fragile. :)  Maybe this design is not applicable to houses of  families having toddlers.  But on the second thought, if you can handle it well, this can definitely create an impact in your living room.  It's so classic and elegant and definitely an "eye catcher".  I like the way it was accentuated with lovely decorative pieces and that clear vase with fresh pink flowers is really really gorgeous.

What do you think?

Ceiling Paint Murals

This is exactly the ceiling paint mural that I really love to do in my own house.  I find it so cute and will definitely make my home bright and lively!  I saw this one during our recent visit to Suoi Tien Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City Vietnam.  I find it so nice that I can't resist taking a photo :).

But of course, this should be done by a professional in order to achieve that same look.

I'm not sure when can I have this in place but....I hope soon....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Driving Those Mice Away From Your Homes!

Oh my!  I've been in search for ways to drive away those mice as I'm having problem with this now in my room.  I found one mouse wanting to share the room with me :).  Come to think if it, I hate mouse and just a sight of it made me really scare and feeling uneasy.  I asked some friends about what is the best solution to this problem as I don't want to resort to using mouse traps as I won't be able to dispose it off (lol).

Then from consulting some friends together with some online readings, I discovered that one best way to drive mouse away from your area is to use "peppermint spray".  I've learned that mouse doesn't like the smell of mints and anything that's spicy.  But I can't find peppermint oil here, so perhaps I will be using the "peppermint leaves" and just lay it down on the floor where I see that the mouse used to run.

Mixing hot sauce with water and putting it on a spray bottle will also help.  Just spray it around the area or walls whre the mouse is always visible.  Ammonia and moth balls were also cited as good alternatives.

With this knowledge on hand, perhaps I will immediately look for those items as soon as possible.
I have to drive that mouse away or else I will always have that uneasy feeling! :)   

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stair Case Designs

When you are thinking of doing an expansion in your current house, probably you are considering putting up a 2nd floor.  Whether it be on top of your garage, on top of your existing building or putting it up on any space of your choice, then an elegant and space saving stair case designs would be your great consideration.

This design looks simple and elegant!

I like this design! This is definitely a "space saver".  If you have a limited space, then this would be an ideal design for you.  Not only that, I find it so cute, too.

Here is another space saving design!

This one looks elegant!

This one is kinda cute! A combination of wood and steel.  A space saving design, too.

Whatever design you would like to choose, I think the most important consideration is the "budget" and the "space".  There are a lot of designs available and the only limitation is your imagination.  Hmmm, I think I have to start saving for my future project.  I'm actually looking into adding additional room on top of my garage.  So probably, I would choose a "space saving" design as I don't want my garage to be congested.

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