Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Add Life To Your Walls...Making The Most Of What You have!

Who says that giving your dull space a quick make over requires some "bucks"?  This is what designer RMSer Ecken proved in this design.

I loved his idea of piling those hollow blocks into a unique work of art.  He just arranged the blocks in a manner that it can alternately hold some potted plants to give life to a dull living wall.  I'm actually so excited to try this one in my house.  I also have hollow blocks which had been "left overs" from a previous construction job which are just sitting in my vacant lot.  So why not make use of those to give my walls a "new look"?

You don't need to spend any single penny in this project.  It's just a matter of recycling things that you can find around your house yard.

I would definitely try this one!

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