Sunday, July 24, 2011

Create An Illusion!

Design by RMSer

I love how this outdoor room was designed.  They made use of a large mirror and attached it to the wall to create an illusion.  This made the outdoor room looks bigger.  Overall, the place looks fresh and cozy.  It only has a coffee table with two chairs plus some interesting decorative pieces adorned with different kinds of plants  of all sizes and there you have a relaxing atmosphere!  For sure, your guests will love to be entertained in this cozy entrance way to your house. :)


  1. Hi Nicole! Thank you for visiting and for the nice comments! I love the design, too.

  2. Hi TheEreperez! This design is by RMSer. I'm just sharing it here in my blog as I find the design so cool and cozy! Just also want to show what a mirror could do in your space. :)

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by!


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