Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Driving Those Mice Away From Your Homes!

Oh my!  I've been in search for ways to drive away those mice as I'm having problem with this now in my room.  I found one mouse wanting to share the room with me :).  Come to think if it, I hate mouse and just a sight of it made me really scare and feeling uneasy.  I asked some friends about what is the best solution to this problem as I don't want to resort to using mouse traps as I won't be able to dispose it off (lol).

Then from consulting some friends together with some online readings, I discovered that one best way to drive mouse away from your area is to use "peppermint spray".  I've learned that mouse doesn't like the smell of mints and anything that's spicy.  But I can't find peppermint oil here, so perhaps I will be using the "peppermint leaves" and just lay it down on the floor where I see that the mouse used to run.

Mixing hot sauce with water and putting it on a spray bottle will also help.  Just spray it around the area or walls whre the mouse is always visible.  Ammonia and moth balls were also cited as good alternatives.

With this knowledge on hand, perhaps I will immediately look for those items as soon as possible.
I have to drive that mouse away or else I will always have that uneasy feeling! :)   


  1. i like these tips...probably the hot sauce is the easy thing to make agad, patay kayong mga daga kayo hahaha!

  2. Hi Reese! Thanks for dropping by here! Yeah...try it! What I did was to cut some pcs of red peppers and sprinkle it on the areas where the mice usually pass by and it works...since then, I haven't seen the mouse again :)

  3. the same problem with me...thanks for the tips! ^_^


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