Friday, July 15, 2011

Floor Tiles for Outdoor Kitchens!

Another home project that I am seriously considering now is giving my dirty kitchen's flooring a new look.  I am looking into installing outdoor tiles that is easy to clean and easy to maintain.  Beauty is not much a consideration since it is located at the back of the house and not so accessible to visitors.  I just want a flooring that's easy to clean as I always wanted kitchen to be clean and organized.  Obviously, this should be the case as this is the place where we prepare and cook foods for the family.

I was actually looking into these designs which look beautiful and safe as kitchen floors are usually expected to be wet and slippery.

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But I think you can also source it locally. I think the designs are so cool and can really create a "new look" out of your outdoor kitchens.  Hmm...anyway my dirty kitchen is not that spacious so I would probably be needing a small amount of floor tiles only.  The labor cost is actually the one that kills me (lol). Oh well.. this is another home project that I wish to accomplish soon. :)

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