Sunday, July 10, 2011

Need Awnings For Your Homes?

At last, I was informed by my daughter that finally, rain had stopped.  This has always been my worry during the months of June to November, the rainy season in the Philippines.  Yes, the wet season is quite long and typhoons are coming one after the other.  With these thoughts in mind, you will always worry about the safety of your homes.  Mine is not of primary concern, though.  My house is okay, it's made of sturdy materials.  But because of long months of raining, chances are your external doorways and patios as well as your windows have greater chances of deteriorating because of always being wet.  Actually, I'm still considering a project to be accomplished this year.  That is, installing an awning on the side of my house, a passageway leading to my dirty kitchen.  I need to have a sturdy covering for that area since it also doubles as the laundry area.  Besides, putting an awning thereat  would also protect my windows from deteriorating very fast.  Having these things in mind, I'm always on a look out for possible designs that would be best for my house.  
Photos above were sample designs from superior awning .  However, I am more likely inclined to get the last two designs since I already have one of the same design in place in my mini garden infront of the house.  Just thinking that having a uniform design  would create a better view.  :)

Actually awnings cannot only protect your exterior doorways and windows from deteriorating fast but it can also lessen your energy consumption during summer as it can provide a cooling effect inside your house.  You see, awnings can block the direct heat coming from the sun thereby giving your aircon a chance to cool down faster than the usual.  Better yet, if it wouldn't be that hot anymore, cooling fans can be used instead of aircons which consume lesser electricity.

I would definitely be posting here the outcome of my project once completed.

Thanks for the visit! :)

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