Monday, July 4, 2011

Stair Case Designs

When you are thinking of doing an expansion in your current house, probably you are considering putting up a 2nd floor.  Whether it be on top of your garage, on top of your existing building or putting it up on any space of your choice, then an elegant and space saving stair case designs would be your great consideration.

This design looks simple and elegant!

I like this design! This is definitely a "space saver".  If you have a limited space, then this would be an ideal design for you.  Not only that, I find it so cute, too.

Here is another space saving design!

This one looks elegant!

This one is kinda cute! A combination of wood and steel.  A space saving design, too.

Whatever design you would like to choose, I think the most important consideration is the "budget" and the "space".  There are a lot of designs available and the only limitation is your imagination.  Hmmm, I think I have to start saving for my future project.  I'm actually looking into adding additional room on top of my garage.  So probably, I would choose a "space saving" design as I don't want my garage to be congested.

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  1. the stair case design will bring great look to house,the image fourth stair is looking excellent staircase design


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