Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Try Decorating With Purple!

This design is by David Bromstard

I love the color combination of this living room design.  It's so cool! :)  We have to face it, more often, we do not welcome the idea of using vibrant colors in our homes, particularly in the living room.  I don't know but it just gives us a not so comfortable feeling.  We're scared of negative feedback from our guests, that is!

But come to think of it, sometimes, it's nice to reinvent and experiment.  See the design on the photo above?  The designer was able to make use of purple color to go with bright yellow and still manage to have the overall appearance of the living room class and elegant. It goes very well with the white background, white curtains and matching throw pillows.  The chandelier above is so catchy!

I love this color combination!  Unique and elegant!  :)

1 comment:

  1. I love purple too. This is the color of glamour and style. Purple creates elegance and provides a calm atmosphere. Thus, if you want to try something different then you should try using this color in different styles to set the mood.
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