Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want To Have An Outdoor Shower?

Who says that outdoor showers can only be found on pool areas and resorts? Not anymore!  Outdoor showers are now starting to take a part in every modern house.  Photos above are sample designs of outdoor showers which are not only space saving but "eye catchy".  Those are both unique and functional.  After seeing these designs, I finally have the urge to have one! (lol).

Why not?  It's a good alternative to an indoor shower.  Another advantage of having one is that when you worked on a dirty job at your house yard like doing some gardening, bathing your pet dogs, doing some minor carpentry and painting works and even after having some repairs of your vehicles, you may not want to enter inside your house and bring in the dirt.  If you have the outdoor shower somewhere in your yard, then you can take a quick shower after that "dirty job" and feel refreshed and clean before you enter your house.  It's good for your small kids too.  

These designs are cool! Dont you think so? 

You can also click here for more ideas.

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