Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Want To Sell Your House?

If you're thinking of selling your house, then perhaps at this early, you should be preparing to increase it's resale value.  Actually house and lot is always a good investment.  It's market value always go up.  It never depreciate in value. However, the overall appearance of your house can attract or distract the attention of your potential buyers.  Let's face it...although house and lots are a good investment, as you definitely be getting more than it's original price value, the downside is it's not that easy to look for a suitable buyer.  It takes months or years before you can finally close a deal as selling and buying a house and lot involves a large sum of money.

To increase your house resale value, then I suggest you to do the following:

Make sure all the real estate taxes are fully paid and on time.
The overall appearance of the house is always an "eye catcher" so it would help a lot if you can do some repainting of the house exteriors and interiors, if possible.

Roofing must be checked for possible leaks.  Put a sealant or change the roofing material if there is a need to do so.

Plants make an attractive sight, so if you plan to sell the house on a later stage, it would be good to start planting some ornamental and flowering plants on plant boxes or you can place some potted plants around the area.  It will give your house a fresher look and a "cooling effect".

Fix those pipes and sinks for any possible leaks as potential buyers   
usually check on this.

Upgrade the flooring finishes.  If the floor is covered with tiles, make sure that this is still in good condition.  Replace those broken pieces.

Check the ceilings for possible repair and repaint it when needed.

Create a multifunctional room like an outdoor room.  This shouldn't be pricey.  Just let your creative juices flowing.

Getting the resale value of your house to your desired amount is an achievement and it pays just simple tricks to achieve this.

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