Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Wind Chimes Can Do To Your Homes!

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Are you fond of hanging wind chimes in your house?  As for me, I do love to hang wind chimes in my house particularly on my terrace leading to the main entrance.  Why is that so?  Because I find wind chimes not only musical and decorative, these are also known to be good tools for "feng shui".
I believe that when you hang wind chimes on the main entrance of your house, you are more likely to attract luck and harmony in your homes.  Wind chimes are said to be a good tool in attracting a positive flow of energy.  On the other hand, when use properly, these can also block negative energies from coming to your house.

Well...I'm not really a "Feng Shui" expert but I do believe in "Feng Shui" and I'm adopting some in my own house.  After all, there's nothing to lose!  

The first photo above is a good design for a wind chime that can be hung in your garden as it is made of bamboo materials while the one on the second photo is ideal for your terrace or main entrance.

Well...I'm not sure of this but based from study, wind chimes can also protect your houses from intruders.
Anyway, whether for "feng shui" or for decoration, I love to hang wind chimes in my house.  The sounds it produced is relaxing enough for me to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

Do you think so?

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