Sunday, August 28, 2011

Window Designs That Will Help You Save On Your Bills

Talking about our home make over, apart from changing the color motif and design of our living room and dining area, we are also working on replacing our current windows.  We have agreed to replace all windows with the brown tinted sliding glass.  Currently, we are using the French design steel window with glass panels.  But talking about window designs, I happened to browse through window designs that could help home makers to save a lot on electric bills.

This window design allows the sun to shine through the entire house leaving the whole place bright.  No need to open the lights during day time.  This allows everyone in the family to work on their respective activities like reading, doing some craft works, playing, etc. without having to ON lights.

These window designs not only make your bed rooms bright but also provides a good ventilation for fresh air to come in and out of the room.  No need to switch on your AC units or electric fans.

And how about these window designs for your kitchen and dining rooms?  Wouldn't you love to be comfortable with an airy and bright kitchen?

Note:  All photos are courtesy of  Andersen Window and Doors.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cool Japanese Lamps!

Just the other day, I was mentioning to my son how I loved to have a Japanese floor lamp in our living room.  I actually got the idea when I go for body massage few days ago.  I saw that cute and cool floor lamp at the spa.  It gives an additional drama in the entire room and you can feel that relaxing ambiance.  My son cannot figure out exactly what I am referring to.  I try to find some samples online and here's what I've got...

I want our living to be a combination of modern and oriental look with a mixture of Asian influences. (lol)

Chopa is an online store which sells Japanese products and this is where I found these cool floor lamps.  They also have Shoji room dividers and mats.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orange Themed Living Room

Can't wait to feature here the new design of our living room.  I've mentioned on my previous post that we are doing a "home make over" and currently, it's still in progress.  I will be posting here the actual pics once it's completed.  Meanwhile, I was just communicating with the family on how they are doing things.  Sometimes, they do consult me for some ideas and they just send me some sample pics for our agreed colors and design.  Recently, my son sent me sample pics of the actual color of the living room and dining room that he is actually trying to figure out.  

These pics are orange themed living rooms courtesy of

We agreed to have the interior of the house to be painted with bright orange to coincide with our motif of black, orange and white.  Looking at these pics, I think, it's cool!  It's warm, bold and bright!  They say orange color enhance conversation so it's best to entertain guests on a bright orange colored living room. At first, I was hesitant.  I'm worried that the house will look dim as we are also changing our windows to tinted brown colored sliding window glasses.  So I voice out this concern.  However, they assured me that everything will turn out nice, so I don't have to worry. 

On the second thought, I like orange! It's actually my favorite color next to pink and lavander.  I am a lively person and I always like things that are bright and colorful.

I'm looking forward to the actual pics of the completed "make over project".  I think, it's going to be soon! :)

Will keep you posted!

Friday, August 19, 2011

When To Consider Getting A Home Insurance

I'm actually blurred when it comes to Home Insurance things.  I have two houses of my own.  One is situated in a village or subdivision type area where the family currently resides and the other one is located on a residential area and is being rented out.  But, I never really thought of getting "home insurance" for my two houses.  Maybe because, my reason is the same with most house owners... the money being spent on the policy could be better spent on more important things.
Of course, we will never realize the importance of having one until we experienced a major disaster and our house was completely destroyed.  The policy that we need actually depends on the country or state we live in.  Philippines, being a disaster prone country might be a good consideration for getting a "home insurance".  Some lending or financing institutions require a borrower to get a policy to make sure that their collateral is protected.

One of the leader in the Philippines in this field is Malayan Insurance. There is also Philam Home Advantage Insurance Package.  Both offered reasonable home insurance packages.  If your homes are situated in the calamity prone areas, I think it would be wise to get a home insurance.  But it still depends on the individual's needs and preferences and the amount of yearly premium that you have to pay.  I think the normal premium ranges from P640 to P2,000 per annum depending on the kind of policy and it's inclusions. The "Home Protect Plus" from Malayan Insurance has upgraded it's coverage to include typhoon and flood assistance, forcible entry and theft and more as part of the comprehensive insurance package.

There are so many options out there, one can also choose to insure with GSIS Home Insurance and that is if you are an active GSIS member.  The premium is P640 for every P1 Million of annual coverage against fire.  Other protection against earthquake, typhoon or flood can also be availed for an additional rate of only 0.04%.  

Whatever you choose, it is best to study the options, the policy inclusions, the premium, and most of all the the Insurance Company that you have to deal with.  You have to choose a company that you trust and has a good reputation.  Only then you can decide if it's already the right time for you to insured your valued properties. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Now a days, most of the affordable condo units and even town houses being sold come with limited spaces.  If you opt to go for big sizes, then the price tag that comes with it is always a problem and a big consideration.  Good, if your family is just small but how about if you have 3 to 5 kids?  Then creating some private space for each of them will definitely be a thing to consider.

New trends in house designs and home decorating has considered a big leap as far as organization tips are concerned.  Now, designers have been coming up with new styles and designs which will transform small spaces into great rooms that can accomodate more things and more people.

Photos below are some big ideas for small spaces.....

Photo credit : 

This Princess inspired bedroom for your littel girl is so classy. Space was maximized by putting a number of drawers underneath the bed frame.  You can even label each drawer to help your little girl organize her things. The cute table set can function as a play space or a study table or a craft table.  I especially love the pink curtains adorned with laces.  Stylish and girly! :)


Would you believe?  This bedroom design is for 3 small kids?  Yes it is!  See those three bed frames?  Underneath the upper bed bunk are lots of storage spaces for kids toys, books, craft materials, etc.  The divider cabinet functions as a cover and at the same time a storage area for those cute boys stuff! 

This bedroom design is a real space saver!  It comes complete with a bed, a study area, a display cabinet and a lot of storage spaces.  This transforms a very limited space into a complete multi functional bed room.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Give That Working Area A Trendy Look!

      Photo Source:

I just felt in love with the idea of how this working area achieved that trendy look by incorporating some wall storage.  We often would like our working table to be free from clutter but we can't afford to have those little things off at hand.  Keeping all those stationery items near to our working table is such a relief.  Creative wall organizers would also do the job but being organized and trendy can be combined by coming up with something cool and easy! 

Love that pink color organizer as it gives life to a dull wall with a twist!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living Room Designs

We are currently doing a make over on our house living room.  Work is still in progress.  I don't have any idea on what will be the outcome of this project as I am not a part of the "Make Over Team".  I was just given the idea that the color motif is black with a touch of orange.  Excited as I was, I tried to look for possible designs.  On my mind, I am trying to figure out the design to be somewhat like this... 

This design is by Errin Valencich

I love this living room sofa.  Classic and elegant.  But I also like these designs featured on hgtv.

These featured designs are cool and chic.  After seeing these, cannot make up my mind if I would settle for the black motif or go for something colorful or Mediterranean.  The white color motif is awesome but I only find it a bit hard to maintain.

Cannot wait to see the outcome of our project.  Hope this will turn out to be a nice one! :)     

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cute Fun Chairs

Was looking for cool bean bags for my living room and here's what I've found, cute fun chairs....

And for your little darlings, this design is a good choice too....

Bean bags or fun chairs are good ways to accentuate your dull bedrooms or living rooms and provides an additional seat.

But if you are a bit sophisticated, you may opt to consider this design:

I think a black one is a good option too.  It's stylish and elegant.

Would you love to have one?  Lots of designs at

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Storage Bench

I just loved this storage bench.  Stylish and functional!  This is a space saving design.  This definitely will give a life to any living space.  Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, entry ways or even in porches.  This is a comfy seat as it comes with a soft cushion and at the same time giving you more storage spaces for your home stuff.  This is quite pricey at $199.49 from but I'm thinking of just fabricating my own using wood.  That way it will be more affordable.  Sometimes, we have to make use of our creative juices and get inspired to do things from our own materials at home.

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