Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Now a days, most of the affordable condo units and even town houses being sold come with limited spaces.  If you opt to go for big sizes, then the price tag that comes with it is always a problem and a big consideration.  Good, if your family is just small but how about if you have 3 to 5 kids?  Then creating some private space for each of them will definitely be a thing to consider.

New trends in house designs and home decorating has considered a big leap as far as organization tips are concerned.  Now, designers have been coming up with new styles and designs which will transform small spaces into great rooms that can accomodate more things and more people.

Photos below are some big ideas for small spaces.....

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This Princess inspired bedroom for your littel girl is so classy. Space was maximized by putting a number of drawers underneath the bed frame.  You can even label each drawer to help your little girl organize her things. The cute table set can function as a play space or a study table or a craft table.  I especially love the pink curtains adorned with laces.  Stylish and girly! :)


Would you believe?  This bedroom design is for 3 small kids?  Yes it is!  See those three bed frames?  Underneath the upper bed bunk are lots of storage spaces for kids toys, books, craft materials, etc.  The divider cabinet functions as a cover and at the same time a storage area for those cute boys stuff! 

This bedroom design is a real space saver!  It comes complete with a bed, a study area, a display cabinet and a lot of storage spaces.  This transforms a very limited space into a complete multi functional bed room.


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