Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living Room Designs

We are currently doing a make over on our house living room.  Work is still in progress.  I don't have any idea on what will be the outcome of this project as I am not a part of the "Make Over Team".  I was just given the idea that the color motif is black with a touch of orange.  Excited as I was, I tried to look for possible designs.  On my mind, I am trying to figure out the design to be somewhat like this... 

This design is by Errin Valencich

I love this living room sofa.  Classic and elegant.  But I also like these designs featured on hgtv.

These featured designs are cool and chic.  After seeing these, cannot make up my mind if I would settle for the black motif or go for something colorful or Mediterranean.  The white color motif is awesome but I only find it a bit hard to maintain.

Cannot wait to see the outcome of our project.  Hope this will turn out to be a nice one! :)     

1 comment:

  1. feel ko yung black furniture set sa taas! medyo mahirap i-maintain kasi ang fabric lalo na sa Pinas dumihin.

    may update na ba sa living room project nyo? :) can't wait to see the complete package ;)


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