Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazing Household Technology From Samsung

Browsing online, I was amazed with this new innovation in refrigerators.  This latest product is from Samsung.  It's a 28 cubic feet 4 doors refrigerator and 8" LCD display with Apps.  Amazing!  Can't figure out how fast our technology is moving.  Not only in the offices but also in household.

This new innovation in household technology is packed with features that will make your eyes grow big.  With special Apps and built in LCD screen, who will not fall in love with this new design of refrigerator from Samsung?  The wifi enabled 8" LCD screen comes with special Apps that will allow you to leave notes for your loved ones, stay up to date with your family's activities with Google calendar, access hundreds of recipes from Epicurious, plus get the latest weather and news updates from weather bug and associated press.

It also has a large storage capacity that will help you store more of your favorite foods and drinks, party left overs, fruits and snacks, etc.  Wonderful!

The built in drawer offers four separate temperature setting to meet your needs.  It also has compartment which will help you organize your foods in few easy steps.

What more?  It also has a an ice production and storage.  Ideal for parties and week end get together with your friends and families.  This will ensure that you will never run out of ice.
This also has LED lighting and twin cooling system making it more energy efficient and improves the quality of your stored foods.

Oh...what about the price?  That's the down side, with all these wonderful features...the price is a whooping $3,499.  That's more than P150,000 pesos. 

If you can afford, why not? :)

That's the price you have to pay for high technology!

Just sharing!


  1.'s really huge and high tech! :) But pricey!

  2. All I can say is "Wow!" Amazing ref that left me drooling (figuratively lang hehehe)


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