Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bedroom Organizers

Photos By : PBteen

I should have seen these designs before! This was my first remark after I've seen these bedroom organizers.  My bedroom is just of an average size and I really need a smart organizer for my growing stuff.  These designs are awesome!  Lots of storage were made available just by using a limited space.  I love the idea that these bedroom organizers have a lot of spaces for books, for decorations and for almost every personal stuff that you could imagine.  All spaces were fully utilized from walls to under the bed spaces.  Really practical!

I also like the idea that over the bed reading lamps can be installed for your reading pleasure before bed time.  

Your choice! 


  1. i super like the bedroom organizers.... one day... someday....hehehhe

  2. Yeah....Don't worry Rovie, you'll soon be having your dream house. By the time comes, you have so many ideas in mind already...hahaha.

    Thanks for visiting here...

  3. wow.. you have an impressive posts. keep it up.

  4. Thank u mikexplorer! Thanks for the visit!


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