Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kitchen Tips

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Next to garden, another part of the house which I loved the most is the kitchen.  Kitchen is said to be "the heart" of any home.  It is the place where our foods are being cooked and prepared.  It is the part of the house which nourishes and sustains life.  Kitchen is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  Having said these, it is just inevitable to give a great deal of attention to our kitchen.

So what are the characteristics of a good kitchen then?  

A good kitchen should be spacious, airy, well ventilated, bright and welcoming!

As for the color, yellow, orange and white are the recommended ones.  They say yellow aids in digestion, orange stimulates appetite and white symbolizes cleanliness and purity.

Make your kitchen clean and clutter free.  This is applicable to every part of the house actually, not only in the kitchen.  Clutters bring negative energy and blocks positive energies from coming inside the house.  A clean, bright and orderly kitchen is always pleasant to the eyes and gives us a feeling of comfort and uplift our moods and spirit.  Admittedly, no one will be happy to work in a smelly, messy and disorganized kitchen.  

When it comes to decorating, I always prefer a ceramic or glass vase with fresh flowers or a small pot of live plant at the counter top near to the sink.  I also love to put a tray or a small basket of fresh fruits at the center of the dining table.  This symbolizes abundance.  For wall decors, anything would do but most Feng shui experts say that a picture frame of fruits and vegetables would be most ideal.  If you have an open shelf in your kitchen, you may also want to display some nice dinner wares and your collection of cook books.

Our health is deeply connected to our kitchen.  Always stock foods that are healthy and nutritious.  Have a complete stock of dried or fresh herbs of your choice.  Herbs do not only add a distinct taste to our foods, but also aid in the treatment of some ailments.

Whatever your kitchen is, big or small, simple or lavish, the most important thing is that it is neat and well organized, free from clutters, airy, well ventilated and bright.  The rest is all up to your preference for as long as you feel happy and comfortable working in your kitchen.  This will be enough to give your family a happy dining experience.


  1. I am not a cook and I don't usually cook but I've been dreaming to have a spacious and beautiful kitchen someday wherein I can prepare delicious dishes for my family... I hope by then, I am already a good cook... hehehe...

  2. That's one reason we bought our house, it has a spacious kitchen.

  3. I can't say that I'm a really good cook but I like baking. So, I would also like a kitchen that is spacious. But it depends on the budget and planning.

  4. Thank you ladies! Thanks for the visit and for the comments. May you all have your dream kitchen in the near future! :)

  5. nice tips..."Our health is deeply connected to our kitchen." That's why I see to it that my kitchen is clean and free from clutter.And because health is extremely very important,make sure when you travel abroad you are covered with an International Medical Insurance 


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