Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roofing and Exterior Repairs

Until this time, I really cannot figure out whether I have to push through with our planned roofing and exterior repairs on our house that is being rented out.  Philippines is having a very unpredictable weather condition now.  Sometimes the sun is up and in a matter of few hours, heavy rains will begin to fall.  It's really hard to schedule major repairs during the rainy season.  I'm worried that the current condition of the house roof cannot withstand continuous heavy rains.  I'm not sure if it still can stand until summer.

Luckily that all the repair works on our other house where the family currently stays is already 95% completed. 

I guess we ought to have a serious talk with the contractor whom we had arranged to change the roofing for the said house.  The way I look at it, one week may not be enough to complete the project and I could not predict a good weather condition for such a span of time. Tsskk...

With these thoughts in mind, I guess, I've learned my lessons and hope to be smarter next time.  Home repairs must be planned ahead of time.  All repairs must be possibly done during the months of December until May, where the weather in the Philippines is most likely to be sunny.  Saving for the cost of the planned repairs should be within the months of June to November.  Having a list of the much needed repairs, cost of materials and labors and total estimate for each repair project ahead of time would help a lot.  Another thing to consider is that this house is currently occupied by a tenant.  So there are really a lot of things to consider.

Well....for now, I'm still contemplating about this project.  Still checking whether the weather condition will have any improvement. 


  1. the good thing is you know what to do the next time you plan another house repair or construction.

    learning a lot here krizz...

  2. Yeah! It's basically learning from experience (lol)... Hope everything gets fine though.

    Thanks Rovie! :)


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