Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vinegar Tips For Your Homes

Over the past years, I've been using different kinds of home cleaning products that I stumbled upon some grocery stores or supermarkets hoping to do our cleaning activities at home with much ease.  But I would admit, though I can boast of the effectiveness of some chemical based products that I've used, I find most of these products expensive and took most of my monthly budget for my grocery shopping. I use a variety of products for different cleaning purposes so I always end up buying few bottles each month.

Because of this, I've been in constant search for some alternatives to these cleaning agents.  One that is environment friendly and easy on the budget.  That's the time when I learned that vinegar has a number of uses and a reliable companion in cleaning most parts of our homes.  I gave it a try and was amazed on how this vinegar can do wonders in our homes.

Here are some of the ways to use vinegar for household care:

Mixing a 1 to 3 ratio of vinegar and water makes a great cleaning solution that can be used to wipe your window glasses and mirrors in your homes.  You can make use of old newspapers to wipe off your windows and mirrors with this vinegar solution.  This will make your windows and mirrors sparkling and clean.

Vinegar can also be used to clean tile grouts and toilet bowls in your toilet and bathroom.  A little vinegar plus a little of scrubbing will do wonders to your toilets.

Distilled vinegar also helps to clean those stainless steel frying pans with much ease.  Just drop around two table spoons of distilled vinegar in your frying pans, let it sit there for a while, then scrub it as usual with your dish washing liquid.  The result? Sparkling stainless steel pans.

Using a little amount of vinegar together with your final rinse after washing your colored clothes will help to preserve the color longer and makes the color appears more bright.

You can also do the same to your white clothes and fabrics.  Add a little amount of vinegar on the final rinse to make your clothes looking whiter.

Vinegar added with water can also be a cleaning solution to get rid of those molds and mild dew in your kitchen counter tops and sinks.

Using vinegar as an effective tool in cleaning your homes is a cheaper alternative.  It's not only environment friendly as you can get rid of chemical build up in the air but it is also a more affordable way to keep our homes clean and well kept.


  1. wow... thanks for sharing... ma try nga to...

  2. thanks for sharing .learned new thing from u ^ ^

  3. Hi Rovie! Yeah, try it...there's no harm in trying. It may do wonders for you, too. :)

  4. Hi wintergurl! Thanks for coming here in my site! Try this. It's a cheaper alternative to some chemical based cleaning products. :)


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