Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wall Decals

I had a previous post about creating wall murals which we are planning to apply in our humble home.  I'm thinking to have a plain white tree wall mural as this will match our bright orange wall. Recently, I have seen these bright and colorful wall decals which is another way of giving life to your dull walls.  

But these wall decals are not only wall designs.  These come with storage solution for your favorite stuff.  See that colorful tree wall decal?  That comes with pin boards.  Those flowers attached to the branches are actually pin boards.

I think as compared to wall murals, wall decals are more appropriate to be installed on bedrooms because of it's added storage function.

This unique wall decal comes with handy cute baskets to complete the design of a beach cruiser decal.

Isn't it lovely?

Want more ideas? You may want to visit PBteen for their wide selection of wall decals or you can find one at local store near you.


  1. so sweet and lovely

    Thanks for sharing dear

  2. Thsnks Umi! Thanks for coming here...:)

  3. lovely indeed!
    i'm ok na, nakakabawi na ng tulog...

  4. Thanks Reese! Oh...glad to hear you've already adjusted to your new life! Hahaha....

  5. I love the wall decals! I now have an idea on what to do with our empty, plain wall. Thanks! You have such a great talent!

    Followed you!

  6. Thanks Ronadelle! Thanks for the visit and for following this site!

  7. In love talaga ako dito.. oops, second view ko na pala to. Oh well, I love it eh! So cutie!


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