Friday, October 21, 2011

Caps Organizer

I just want to share this caps organizer that we did at home.  This was made by using some 1 x 1 woods and white hooks plus some left over white paint.  This organizer is good for 20 caps but you can make a bigger one if you wish so. Just add on another 1 x 1 size wood.

This is really cool as it saves a lot of space and you can easily have a view of your caps in a glance and choose what particular cap you want to wear for the day.  Easy right?

The best thing is that this cap organizer only costs about less than PHP300.

Another organizing tip that you may want to try at home from 
"Home Sweet Home".


  1. ikaw na me maraming Caps!!
    arbor yung red!!! hihihi! :)

  2. Good idea especially if you have a lot of caps collection. Also, it makes it easy to find the one you like to wear.

  3. @ Simurgh, ah type mo yung red? Hehe...

    @ Chin, yup Chin mas madali maghanap pag naka organize ng ganyan yung caps.

  4. I like caps!
    medyo konti pa collection ko..
    Medyo marami ako Fedora hats..
    collection from my travels.
    na uso kasi. hahaha! Bruno Mars!
    Pero mas prefer ko pa rin yung sports cap,
    kasi pwede mg suot ng malalaking headsets.

    Yup! Trip ko yung red. :)

  5. thank u po nagkaron me idea on how to organize my husband caps! collection nya kasi caps from different places abroad! please send me one tita from your travel dagdag sa collection, hehehe!


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