Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Designing A Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen like I do, perhaps the greatest challenge would be on how to make it appears interesting. Small sized kitchen puts a limitation on designs, furnishings and inability to hide the flaws but your choice of color and style of fixtures will solve the problem.

On this design by Steve Appolloni, he was able to combine function and style. The choice of cabinet, color combination, lighting and counter tops makes the area looks appealing despite of the limited space. I love the curvy kitchen island. It nicely fits into the area and is equipped with lots of open shelves. It actually accentuate the space to achieve an overall fashionable look.

I just loved the idea that space is not a hindrance in creating any room to be stylish and functional. Proper designing coupled with some organizing skills and an eye for good furniture pieces will definitely do wonders.

Looking at this kitchen design, I feel that living in small condos or apartments with limited spaces should no longer discourage us to achieve a kitchen look that we so desired. 

Just let those creative juices flowing and you're just a step away to that dream kitchen!


  1. Bilib talaga ako sa'yo, Krizza! Ang ganda ng mga shine-share mo dito. I love that curvy kitchen island too :) Perfect accent ^^ Wonder how much ang ganyan.

  2. Thanks KM! But you know, what I usually do for my own house? Once na may idea na ako about the design that I would like to achieve, pinakokopya ko yun sa worker na suki namin who's doing all the wood and carpentry works sa house. Mas cheaper kasi minsan kesa mag order online and if you try to find naman sa mga furniture stores, kadalasan wala namang tumatama sa panlasa mo.


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