Saturday, October 29, 2011

Designing Your Own Home Office

Photo Credit: hgtv

One day when I already decided to stop working and be a work at home Mom same as most of our blogger friends, maybe I would be setting up my own small home office where I could concentrate doing anything that would keep me occupied and productive. I've been working ever since and I could not imagine myself totally being idle. Maybe, I would just try to lessen the work and add up more on non stressful activities or perhaps will still work but on something that I can dictate my working time and something that relates to my passion. In that way, I would feel like I'm just doing my hobby or just simply entertaining myself while at the same time, still earning a little something for myself.

Since, I wouldn't have an ample space for the home office, I would just make it simple and functional. Just a simple desk equipped with proper lighting, some drawers and extra shelves where I can keep my files and some selected books will do. I would just make it appear cozy and relaxing so I would always get that mood to do my things.

Above designs are the typical set up of home offices with a limited space. Proper color combination and furniture arrangement will do the trick. For some, they would just put the home office attached to their own bedroom. For the others, they would place it on an empty room, at the attic, or just create a space in the garage. Actually anywhere will do as long as you find the place comfortable for you.

I guess, setting up a home office would be fun and exciting. As early as now, I'm already thinking of how would I design my own.

Do you already have one?


  1. i love the first design. very spacious :) i work from home, so one of my projects when we move in to a bigger place is to have my home office ^^

  2. Okay talaga pag may office kasi ma organize mo lahat ng mga documents mo in one place. Ako dito sa bahay I have my own space ung parang may office table lang pero hindi pa exclusive nasa isang part lang ng sala...

    One of my future plans din if maipaayos na ang bahay is to have my own office...

    Yung badges ng Yummy Sunday, Weekend Eating at Food Trip Friday sis nasa blog ni KM at nasa post ko na Lasagna... Hehehe.... Join Ka..

  3. Those home office designs really look lovely. Thank you very much.
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  4. The 5th design looks great and colorful. If I could work this kind of office I would become more active and happy. I'll love to design my home office like this.

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  5. The design # 1 is awesome and has a great ambience. If I would work at home I love to immitate the home office number 1.

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  6. It is comfortable working if you're table or have a good ambiance. It makes your day fulfill and lessen the stress from work..:)

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  7. That's one of my wishes too, to have my own working space at home. I also get lots of ideas from Pinterest. Since you are a designer I'm sure your mind's raving of lots of ideas. :-)


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