Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Would You Love To Create Unique Center Pieces?

Whenever I'm on a vacation in the Philippines, one of my favorite bonding time with my kids is decorating our home and coming up with some unique ideas that will give our humble home a different look.  I love taking care of my home and all my hobbies are "home related" like decorating, gardening, creating center pieces, making container gardens, organizing, cooking and baking.  I wouldn't say that I'm an expert on all these fields but I'm happy that I'm able to bring my "passions" into life.  For my efforts to be appreciated by my family and close friends is more than enough consolation for me.

One fun and easy way of entertaining myself while at home is making unique center pieces that I could place on our dining table or on the center table in the living room.  My house is not really big and spacious but it's cute and well maintained.  Currently we just have 3 standard size bed rooms, toilet and bath a small indoor kitchen, a dirty kitchen, a porch, garage, a laundry area and a pocket garden.  I still have a vacant lot attached to my current house which is separated by a concrete fence.  My son is suggesting me to break the concrete fence to create a larger space.  But I'm having some apprehensions because I'm a future oriented person.  I'm thinking that if I have to convert the vacant lot into something that will allow us to earn like opening a small shop or building studio type rooms for renting out, then at least we could still maintain our privacy.  We gain access to that vacant lot from our yard through a gate leading to our pocket garden and the back gate to our laundry area.  Currently, we are utilizing the space for growing ornamental and some flowering plants, as a space for our pet dog to roam  around and play and for drying clothes.

Sometimes, I would love to pick some fresh flowers from our yard and make some center pieces or flower vases that I could put in the dining area and kitchen counter top as well as on our terrace and living room.  I have seen some unique ideas online that I would like to share with you.  These are beautiful and easy to make center pieces.

This is a colorful and fragrant center piece using color perennials and fresh scented lemon slices.  This is actually made out of two clear vases of different sizes, one being smaller.  The idea is to put the smaller clear vase inside the larger one and insert the lemon slices in between the spaces on the sides to keep the lemon slices in place.  The floral and lemon scent will last for about two to three days. See, you are not only able to create a decorative piece but a natural air freshener. :)

If you have a small party in the house and you would love to create an eye catching piece on your serving table, then you may want to buy a combination of some white flowers and put in on display on those clear vases.  Now, as to the vase fillers, you can actually put your collection of anything into good use.  Whether it's a collection of sea shells of various sizes, river rocks and stones, corks, white sand or anything that you had collected in the past.  This is one good way to showcase your collections.

This is a chic center piece with a touch of art.  You can make use of white roses or any white flower available and form these flowers into a round shape and put on top of a clear vase.  You can alternate these flower vases with a decorative clear jar containing some ornaments of your choice.  Really elegant!

This design by Carmella Fryar of Sothern Fried Dreams is so natural and fresh looking.  She made use of a clear vase with white daisies and alternate it with clear glasses with floating candles to add an element of romance. A reindeer moss was used to accentuate the simple clear vase.

These are simple but creative and wondrous "works of art" that could add life to your tables.  Try working on these simple to do projects  and you will discover that it's not only fulfilling but very entertaining.


  1. ganda. i use flowers for center piece too. i have a square vase similar to that pictured above, and i have tall ones too ^^ occasional ko nga lang gamitin, pag nakakatanggap ng bulaklak from hubby or friends ^^ sa ngayon ang center piece ko eh circular teacup candle holder, cute na cute din ako sa kanya. maybe i should post a picture of it sa blog ko :)

    thanks for another good read ;)

  2. My mom would surely love the chic center piece. Beautiful :)

  3. Lovely pics.

    I think I will have a major problem with center pieces though -- My cats might see the them as toys. :)

  4. Hi KM! Clear vases are versatile decorative pieces. They can be used as candle holders, flower vases or simply a container showing your favorite collections. You can try this center pieces on romantic occasions...(lol)!

    Thanks for another "warm visit". *hugs*

  5. Hi Algene! Thanks for the visit and for reading this post. I'm sure your Mom would love it. I also like the chic center piece. :)

  6. Hi Teecup! Wow, you mean you have so many cats in your house? I have also a tenant on my other house that I'm renting out who adores cats so much. Maybe she got around 12. Yeah...if that is the case, then you can't go for these center pieces really...hahaha!

    Thanks for another visit though...
    Have a great day!

  7. Krizza, I used to have 24 at one time... during my college days. Now I only have 3 -- all of them fixed and very playful :)

  8. Wow...24? That's a lot of work to do. Do they stay inside your house? At one time, my tenant used to have that much but it slowly diminishing. Now maybe she's left with only 2. I guess, it's hard to put much decorations in the house if u have cats. :)

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  9. I love the center pieces! I've got ideas from this! Thanks for sharing this. I too, likes the idea of having flowers around the house because they beautify the house even more!


  10. Hi Ronadelle! Happy to see u here...
    I should try these in your house. I know you are a newly wed so I'm sure you'll love to decorate your love nest! :)


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