Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eco Living - An Amazing Bamboo House

I just love the idea of this designer named Nick Oosterveen who came up with this amazing house made of no other materials but bamboo. The place looks simple but the design was done artistically making the entire house looks modern.

From far, you would hardly notice that this house is just made of bamboo. Everything inside including the kitchen cabinets are made of bamboo. Looking at it, the entire house looks refreshing but I'm just thinking if this kind of structure can withstand the changing weather in the Philippines.

There is no doubt that this kind of house is eco friendly. This bamboo house was built in a sustainable environment where everything is made available from energy, water and food.

The place looks cozy even when everything was just made by hands.

Maybe this bamboo house can be a cheaper alternative in building houses of the future generation when the time comes that our forests could no longer produce enough timber that could be used for building structures.

But for me, maybe I would choose this type of house for vacation purposes only. I think this is good for a rest house. I'm concerned more on the security and durability of my house. Although I would say that this house is perfect for a rest house, when you want to have some solitude moments or you simply want to relax with your family.


  1. i'm wondering about the same thing too, whether this bamboo house can withstand rages of Ondoy and his friends ;)

  2. Oo nga eh...yun lang din concern ko pero I find it so "maaliwalas" and "presko" sana. Siguro okay tong ganitong house pa summer. :)

  3. tama yung point ng security and durability... bakasyunan talaga kasi malamig sya....

    sa mga probinsya naman made of bamboo lang din halos ang houses lalo na dun sa place ng lola ko medyo tumatagal naman kaya lang hindi ka pwde magkaroon ng maraming gamit kasi delikado sa nakaw... hehehe

  4. Yun nga dapat pag bamboo house..bare sya. Walang mga valuables sa loob at baka pag gising mo yung bamboo na lang talaga ang natira! Hahaha!


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