Monday, October 3, 2011

Experimenting With Your Outdoor Spaces

Photo Source :   hgtv

You can transform your empty outdoor spaces in your back yards into colorful outdoor rooms by adding some attractive patterns on your outdoor flooring.  Few pieces of furniture adorned with some cute and colorful throw pillows will complete the look.  I think how you arrange the plants will also do some wonders.  Add some boulders or decorative pebbles and stones and you will surely create a sophisticated look on your outdoor rooms.  On the first photo, mosaic panels were added to hide those utilities and complement the design of the flooring.

During small dinner parties, you can add some bamboo torches or some decorative candles to create a romantic and warm ambiance.  


  1. thanks for the idea, krizza ! i love decorating and organizing too :)

  2. Hi KM! Glad to know that you are also into decorating and organizing. Hope to see more of u here...:)

  3. I like the last set-up best. If my yard looked like that, I'll probably see myself wanting to work on my writing tasks outdoors. So refreshing!

  4. Hi Teecup! I'm actually a lover of outdoors. Love seeing my garden and everything that nature has to plants, colorful flowers, fresh air, warm sunlight. Having all these over a cup of cappucino while reading or writing will surely make my day! :)

    It's always a pleasure for me to see you here!
    Feel at home dear!


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