Friday, October 14, 2011

Garden Set

I'm loving this garden set that I purchased a year ago.  The chairs are made of steel and the center table is made of marble.  I never regret buying this one as I find it easy to manage and durable.  The steel chairs can be repainted so there's no worry if the color has faded due to the changing weather.  On the photo above, chairs were just repainted and this made the garden set looks brand new.  The marble table is easy to manage, this can just be wiped off with a wet cloth.  It's texture and color never fades rain or shine.  So I guess, this is a"good buy".  The Price? P9,000 or $209. 

Placing the garden set on our terrace is just nice coz you can have a good view of the garden while having your cup of coffee or tea.  You can also relax and get some fresh air while reading your favorite book or just simply chatting with your family or friends. I also used to bring my laptop there and blog.  This helps me refresh my mind and inspires me to write more. :)

How about you? Do you love plants, too?


  1. I love plants but I guess they don't love me... hehehe... Hindi ako mahilig magtanim kasi ang memory ko pag may itinanim ako hindi nabubuhay... or baka tamad lang ako mag alaga...

    you have a nice house krizz...

  2. Oh...di ka pala born with a green thumb Rovie. Me kasi namana ko hilig ko sa plants from my Mom. Ang galing nya magtanim at mag alaga. Itusok lang nya yung pinagputulan nung plant, nabubuhay na.

    Thanks for the compliments Rovie!

  3. How i wish i have a green thumb like mom and my husband. Ang ganda tlga ng merong garden sa bahay.

    Will -

  4. I love plants pero wala kaming garden dito. Hehehe. Pero I'd love to have one someday.. :)

  5. @ AandW, Hi! Oo malaki talaga nagagawa sa bahay ng maraming plants around. Malamig sa mata at sa pakiramdam. Even your house is just plain and simple, nagiging attractive sya pag madami plants.

    Thanks for being here.

  6. @ Algene! There's so many ways and means to have plants around your place. You can make a "container garden" or "garden dish" and that would be a super mini garden in an instant! :)

  7. ganitong klase ng garden set ang appropriate sa Pinas. we have a similar one back home pero the center table has a glass top. ang tagal tagal na nung binili yun, and then recently my aunt had it repainted, then mukha na uling bago. definitely a good buy yan :)

  8. Hi KM! So good buy naman pala talaga sya. Kailangan sa Pinas durable eh because of the unpredictable weather.

    Thanks for being here dear! :)


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