Saturday, October 8, 2011

Making Wall Murals!

Alas! The Artist whom we have contacted to make the wall murals in our house showed up today. He already started with the mural works in our dining area. He's quite good actually.  We just presented to him the photo of the design that we would like to achieve, the color and the size of the wall mural and everything goes well so easily.

My daughter has captured some photos while the work is in progress.  We have chosen a white tree mural to complement our bright orange wall. This is still a part of our "home make over" actually.  The white tree mural was highlighted with a black and gold accent to give it a striking look!

I love how it was done and the Artist was able to give life to our design. To think that the whole process was just completed in a matter of 4 hrs.

I'm loving the design so much that I'm thinking of making another one in the Master's Bedroom (lol).  My son also wanted to have one in his blue themed room. :)

We'll see!


  1. That was a very lovely mural! I also love the color, so vibrant :-)


  2. Wow! Ang ganda naman. It's good that your daughter took pictures.

  3. @ Pearl, Thank you. I really love vibrant colors!

    @ Chin, Thanks Chin! Yeah my daughter always take photos of every activity in the house. She and her brother supports me in my blogging hobby. Hahaha..

  4. ang ganda. i wanted to do this too kasi may nabibiling wall stickers/decals dito kaya lang nag-re-rent lang ako ng apartment, so i thought sayang lang if mag-mo-move out din ako eventually. but yeah, when me and hubby finally have our own house, i'll definitely have something like this in the kitchen or nook maybe ;)

  5. Wow ganda, gumawa din kia ako nito sa dingding namin :-)

  6. At KM, Thanks KM! It's good na may readily available decals and stickers dyan. It would be a lot easier but I think it's more costly. I'm really into wall murals and wall decals now. Got several posts of this in this home blog. Hope you'll soon have your own place so you can do everything that you want to beautify your house.

    Thanks for the visit dear! :)

  7. @ GbSb, thanks dear! Glad to know that you have done this before. I hope you were happy with the result. Thanks for the visit!

  8. ganda!!

    adgitizing here..see you at mine!

  9. super nice... it made your wall looks fresh...

    visiting here krizz.. sorry kung may mga absent..
    umuwi na mga korean visitors yesterday but I am busy planning for Bella's first birthday... I actually don't know where to start... hehe...

  10. Ganda naman, Krizz. So cozy ng ambiance. I am loving the orange themed living room.

    Eto yong sinasabi ko sayo na orange living room din ni Windy:

  11. @ Lainz, Oo nga Lainz, nung last bday celebration nga ng anak ko, tuwang tuwa daw mga classmates nya sa house namin. Ginawa daw studio kasi wala daw tigil ang photo shoot. Sa front yard kasi may pocket garden kami na may mini pond at water falls kaya ayun todo picture sila all over the house. (lol)


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