Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Learn To Prepare Attractive Dessert Tables

One thing that I still haven't done before during parties that I hosted  at our humble home is the dessert table.  Why?  Maybe because I'm not yet familiar with this before or maybe it's only recently that this became an "in thing" during parties for child and adult alike.  But thinking of it, I would definitely want to try doing one.  You see, if you are frequenting this blog site, you may notice that I am a person who loves designing and decorating a lot.  I wouldn't mind experimenting  and trying something new and exciting.  Well...I think that's basically my nature and both my children had adopted this passion of mine.

Since, I would love to try my hands on designing my own desert table, for sure that as for a first timer, I should know where to start and getting some ideas would be the easiest way, and from there, I could add  up a personal touch.  This what will make the thing exciting for me.

Here are the sample designs of dessert tables courtesy of wedding 

Seeing these designs, I suddenly felt the urge to try my hand at one.  This would definitely be fun and exciting and would be a great bonding activity with my family.  I couldn’t wait for the next party at home (lol) and impress my guests.

Are you having an upcoming party? Try these exciting dessert table designs and make your party stand out.


  1. wow, good find ! again, thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. i will definitely try one of these when we hold a gathering at our place :)

  2. Yes please do. I think it's fun KM! Do you also like designing?

  3. Hi, Krizza!
    Really very beautiful!

  4. Wow! These are great desert tables for parties at home. Matutuwa talaga ang mga guests nito. I'll suggest this to my mom too. :)

  5. Thanks for being here Clark but those were not my own designs yet (lol). :) Anyway...thanks for being here.

  6. Hi Algene! yup you should give it a try on your future parties. This for sure will steal your guests attention. :)

  7. I like looking at designs on magazine, TV, and stuff like that (kaya enjoy ako dito sa blog mo), but I don't think I'm cut to be a designer. LOL. My bff is an architect, and I get advice from him in terms of decorating my apartment. So, trying hard lang ako, but yeah, I'm interested with interior decorations and the sorts. I love buying anek-anek for our apartment, and siguro pag may sarili na kami bahay (and more funds), I can explore more on it :)

  8. ang gaganda sis! very helpful tip sya sa mga parties and gatherings. I actually tried setting up a different table for desserts nung may party dito but not as attractive as the one you have here...

    Sana makapag set up ako ng ganito birthday ni Bella bebe...Thanks for sharing sis...

  9. Pareho tayo KM! Me din like ko magtingin tingin ng mga designs and when have the opportunity I am trying to make one myself. Hobby ko to at sobrang nalilibang ako. Iba din yung feeling ko pag nakikita ko yung result ng pinaghirapan ko. Kakawala ng stress... I'm looking forward sa own house mo so we could exchange tips on interior decorating. Thanks for coming back dear...

  10. Madali lang naman mag set up ng ganito Rovie and di naman sya costly especially pag childrens party kasi you just have to buy assorted candies na medyo colorful ang dating. Then you can also have yung colored cereals na may mga shapes tapos yung choco chips or cookies. I think it's really affordable. Yung mga containers nya pwede kahit anung meron ka sa haws mas ok if may clear containers ka. Just add up some decorations and that's it! :)


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