Monday, October 24, 2011

Manny Pacquiao's House At LA

Manny Pacquiao's house in LA courtesy of MTV cribs uploaded by : cyborggermaine

Who would think that someone who used to be an ordinary person like Manny Pacquiao would own such a beautiful house like this? As I was watching this video footage, I couldn't help but sigh. The interiors of this house was so classic and the design and choices of the furnishings are really fabulous! 

I like the white motif of the living room and the classic and elegant displays. It looks clean, plain and simple but with an oozing amount of "class".

Each room was distinctly designed for each member of the family.

I particularly like the dining area. The dining table looks elegant and modern. The kitchen is spacious, clean and airy. Another thing that fascinates me is the bathroom inside Manny's room. OMG!, it's so huge and complete with all the necessary amenities. The backyard with it's outdoor room and swimming pool is nice, too. All over the house, you can see all his trophies, photos, memorabilia, and all things associated with boxing. That portrait of Manny in the dining area in a praying position was artistically done.

What a great house!

Well...that's the prize of being a star and a boxing champ!


  1. hey krizza, have you seen other MTV cribs episodes? since mahilig ka din sa mga decors and interior designing, maaliw ka sa shows na to, and madami ka mapupulot na idea. mga houses ng celebrities and superstars, so medyo fabulous talaga. itong house ni manny sa LA, ang bongga no? ang taray taray ni jinky dahil nagkalat ang pichurs nya all over the place. hehe!

  2. haven't watch the video sis nag error daw eh... babalik ulit ako...hehehe...

    Pwde ka pang sumali sa Weekend Follower Blog Caravan kasi open pa yung link... Tomorrow pa mag close yung meme... Join ka sis para din makadagdag traffic and gain new friends...Hehehe..

    Pansin ko lang ha.. Paikot ikot na tayo nina KM at saka Reese...hehehe

  3. Finally watched the video! Really dreaming such a house. The interior are so simple yet elegant...

    Magpayaman mo na ako kahit siguro katiting lang ng yaman ni Manny noh? hehehe


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