Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nipa Hut

Do you know that after already owning two concrete houses, it's still my fervent dream to own a "nipa hut"? It maybe a "kababawan" or that sort but I never grew up in province nor did I have the chance to stay in province even for a vacation. This is the reason why I love to go to country side and see those trees and luscious greens. I always tell myself that if only I can afford, I wanted to have a vacation house in a quiet place where I can only connect to nature.

I've seen this ready made "bahay kubo" on sale at and I am thinking that if I don't have a chance to buy a vacation house in the province due to lack of funds, maybe I could just transform one area in my lot into something that would resemble a suburb with a small "bahay kubo" and lots of plants and perhaps a small vegetable garden to tend. This can be ideal for a daily afternoon nap, a place to share meals with family and guests and just a place for relaxation.

Some nipa huts on sale now can go as high as Php900K but a simple one like the one on the above photo may cost from Php17K to Php50K depending on the size and design.

"Bahay Kubo" or Nipa Hut is already a thing of the past, but it's still very much visible on resorts, rest houses and spas. I think this will forever stay as this is one important symbol of our country.


  1. Ako din Krizza gusto ko rin ng nipa hut. If given the chance, I would also like to have one in our home - just a small one for a place to relax in.

  2. Masarap at malamig ang bahay kubo. Yan ang bahay ng parents ko na nasa same compound lang namin. They preferred it kasi nga malamig kahit tag init.

    Dun ang tambayan namin ni Bella mula umaga hanggang hapon...

    Sis up na ang Weekend Blog Follower Caravan... Facebook like ang i follow baka interested ka...

  3. i love bahay kubo kasi pahingahan at tambayan pag hapon, napakasarap magmuni-muni. haha.

    Di pa nakakapagstart ng business sis. Maybe next week. Busy pa kasi kami ni hubby.

  4. Sobragng nice ng ganitong concept. Presko. Dimo na kelangang pumunta ng mall para magpalamig, hehe.

    i believe it's my first time here, Krizza. Cool home sweet home blog. At home ako ;-)

  5. they sell ready made bahay kubo? this should be perfect for a vacation house by the beach ;) tapos may hammock underneath a tree .... ahhhh! so relaxing ;)

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  7. Meron na kami ganyan umabot ng 50k with double deck na higaan.

  8. Hi Sis. I want a nipa hut too. That's part of the farm house we are dreaming of e.

    Mommy Maye2


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